HTML5 Tutorial – 7 – negation pseudo-class

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34 responses to “HTML5 Tutorial – 7 – negation pseudo-class”

  1. Elliot Poots Avatar

    My OCD is triggered…
    You know the whole 'theres two types of programmer'?
    blahblach {
    i like this

    blah blach { hate this }

  2. LeoDaVee Avatar

    Looks like has a new ad …

  3. mrgeorge Avatar

    what does the div tag does?

  4. harshit sharma Avatar

    Can we add more classes in :not(.bucky){} like for example .abc or any other class or id

  5. Ronald Clayton Avatar

    I do a lot of online tuts and really like our young bucky who is in my opinoin very gifted and could probably earn a great deal in industry but he we all do what we like.  I would ask him if he could do a website from start to finish with out all the breaks.  Just a simple one so I can do one and put it on line.  I hope to do his nodes tuts after html5 ow with I am really liking.  I am not young myself so some of it does come  a little harder now but sitll sinks in evenually  Keep up the good work and the tuts coming.  Great suff.

  6. Cennessio ℠ Avatar

    Whatsup with your puberty?O.O

  7. swing955 Avatar

    what's going on guys :)) ?

  8. buller sørensen Avatar

    notice how his voice always starts out how pitch and then gradually drops through the video? same each video

  9. willzurmacht Avatar

    Love you bucky! thanks for this tut 😀

  10. AlHashashinMC Avatar

    Wouldn't using <span></span> be easier?

  11. irish rover Avatar

    this is like html and css for programmers

  12. minecraftwarrior Avatar

    hey guys im a new youtuber and i need some help starting out so plz come over and sub or just watch my vids

  13. PokeWizBro Avatar

    I don't know why, but I thought Bucky made a tutorial in Spanish

  14. LordStarBlue Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial !

  15. Pesho Netev Avatar

    Set your classes specifications in your .css file first.That's written in CSS3 documentation.

  16. alexizhernan Avatar

    no, there is no priority. the browser will read every piece of code you wrote in your css file and interpret it. its like if your browser looks at everything in your html file. all the tags, classes, divs, etc. and then it looks at your css file to see which tags have styling and apply the style to it.

  17. CHStriker83 Avatar

    Just a question guys. In CSS3, what is the priority of changes? If he inverted the statements in the main.css would it affect it anyway? Is there an order of priority, like first everything (*), then class, then ID…??

  18. LeftistUprising Avatar

    I'm not able to get this to load, and as a result, I'm not able to view this. I'm using Chrome on a PC.

  19. Pedro Henrique Avatar

    Parabéns pelo trabalho. Informações muito úteis!

  20. Wayne Phillips Avatar

    This is somewhat similar to what the "continue" keyword does in a JavaScript loop.



    Okay, I searched it up, and I finally got it! I don't know if this was because the program updated a lot after this video or something, but the correct code for the css is:

    * {color:blue;}

    :not(.bucky) {color:red;}

    Notice how the first pair of brackets in the second line are not squigly line brackets (IDK what they are called formally :P), but they are normal brackets. Unlike in this tutorial, causing the problem that you and I encountered.

    I know this is a late reply but I hope I helped!


    Well, I recommend JavaScript, since that's more commonly heard of than the other two (correct me if I'm wrong here). I believe jQuery is a subtopic of JavaScript. Like Algebra is of Maths. (Again, correct me if I'm wrong here!)

    pHp is one I haven't really gone into yet, so I can't really recommend to you to do this first. But I still believe that Java should Priority 1.

    I just realised when you wrote this, and you probably decided by now. But I'm not gonna delete this because I'm lazy. : P

  23. Tyler Rabito Avatar

    So when i do mine nothing changes color an i have it word by word. any ideas?


    I tried to message this dude but couldn't find anywhere on his page to do that 😛 I'm loving these tutorials, your teaching style is great and I'm really learning a lot. I'd like to make a request though, Photoshop for web design please? Graphics and coding go hand in hand and I'd really like to see your approach on the subject (can people thumb this up please so he sees it)

  25. KoolScience Avatar

    I will fall asleep after this tutorial, I will fall asleep after this tutorial…*goes onto next tutorial*

  26. José A. Esquivel Avatar

    Was I the only one frustrated because I thought Bucky's cursor was mine and it wasn't moving?

  27. billy stewart Avatar

    Oooh yeah baby… go… go…

  28. ChreaKeNa Avatar

    Now Buck can we mix 'wild chars' in the earlier vdu, ie '$', '*' wt pseudo classes. So, for instanace, instead of saying any par of class 'sally' say any par of class '*sally', ie containing sally somewhere in the class name?

  29. Jesus Adolfo Avatar

    I dont know the ordern in which I should learn javascrip, jquery and php

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