Human Lie Detector

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I show you how to detect lying through body language and verbal analysis. I also show you a bunch of tricks you can use to find out the truth secretly.

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31 responses to “Human Lie Detector”

  1. AllegedWand6335 Avatar

    When they lie and look left is it the person whom is lying's left or my left?

  2. Andrew Koidan Avatar

    Hm, I usually look to the up left when I'm asked a question, when I'm trying to remember something. Am I always lying?)

  3. Al Kydah Avatar

    How can we tell when NON-humans are lying?

  4. Ciaran Avatar

    How to detect if someone is lying=What not to do when lying.

  5. Figelcat Avatar

    this really helped me figure out if my friend was lying to me. She lies way too much

  6. rainebow1000 Avatar

    Their left or your left, the picture indicates a persons eyes looking at you but they look to their right and you say lie but I thought it was to their left mean lie?

  7. Naturenerd1000 Avatar

    It is true that liars try to avoid answering the questions, but the best liars all ready have a good answer too as a cover. That swiftness can give someone away as well.

  8. Aljaž Jesen Avatar

    i dont believe in this expressions, like sometimes i rub by neck not knowing thats an expression, i just do it and im being honest

  9. amine mk Avatar

    Learn The body programming language in one video 🙂

  10. Stoner Status Avatar

    The Lightmen group just subscribed

  11. Kitty kitty Meow meow Avatar

    I'm going crazy trying to figure out whether or not my husband messed around. He answers my questions weird and he gets so mad when I ask him about anything during that time. It's been drawn out now for about a year cuz I just can't buy what he's saying. I don't know what to do. I'm so desperate I'm watching YouTube videos trying to figure it all out. Ugh

  12. Naomi_ x392 Avatar

    I do most of these but I always tell the truth unless I'm trying to cover for someone then I lie

  13. Santa Avatar

    On the eyes i have, in the left and right part, the exactly opposit experience

  14. Tim Yang Avatar

    this is an incorrect video. all the signs the video mentions are just behaviors withouy context they dont tell you enough to determine if that person is lying.

    the real way to detect a liar is first you need to establish their base behaviors when they have no pressure or reason to lie and then you compare their reactions to questions you want to know the truth. any one sign is not enough and makes you an ass for assuming, you need clusters of red flags of behavior on a difficult question, after you have determined their regular reactions.

  15. Marielle Ranagan Avatar

    Ok yes I answer a question with a question sometimes, or say "what did you say?"

  16. jermell frazier Avatar

    jst because someone reaches up and scratches there head it donsent mean there lieing i do it often when im trying to think in detail or even when I'm being asked Ann odd question that im not sure How to respond

  17. Debbie Wilson Avatar

    disagree with most of this

  18. Debbie Wilson Avatar

    I use my palms to talk a lot

  19. Richard Riss Avatar

    In my opinion, there is much in this video that is incorrect. When I'm telling the truth, I often look in the "wrong" direction, move my feet, or do some of the other things that this video says would be an indication that I'm lying. Because I have trouble believing that I would be an exception, my conclusion is that this video is pure speculation, and of very little usefulness in determining whether someone is being truthful. Nevertheless, I suspect that many "professionals" assume that these things are true, which is very unfortunate. The result is that honest people frequently do not get hired for jobs and innocent people are often charged with crimes.

  20. Shimon Nyman Avatar

    so much nonsense even contradiction

  21. Taylor Swift Avatar

    Now this will come in handy

  22. wkdemers Avatar

    so lying signals could actually be because of distress? wouldn't someone who feels threatened yet are innocent be experiencing distress?

  23. LegalShield3000 Avatar

    Wondering if this guy is trying too hard.

  24. 5winder Avatar

    I studied this in school… (criminal investigations) and it's much easier just to use muscle testing for truth. Then you can just move away (literally) from the liars. You can use your whole body like a tuning fork to hear God's will for YOU (if your heart is right). Freaky, but fun. Of all the men that ever lived, only Jesus was truly psychic. Ask HIM the answers.

  25. bukueOner Avatar

    Skepticism: The true equalizer.

  26. Phantom assassin Avatar

    when i tell the truth i look up and right, im right handed, why is that.

  27. avril Avatar

    this is not the best at all. very generalised.

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