I Won’t Work AAA – Indie Game Motivation

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14 responses to “I Won’t Work AAA – Indie Game Motivation”

  1. DLC ENERGY Avatar

    0:47 how old were Bill Gates in this video! oh my dayuuum! every person should be taught how he were!

  2. h2flow1 Avatar

    The Bill Gates parts made me pumped.

  3. alen jones Avatar

    NOW i'm motivated!

  4. sai siril Avatar

    any one plz tell me game name at 1:12

  5. Jack Middleton Avatar

    I wouldn't want to join AAA because they are a money machine that doesn't care about their small developers. But I wouldn't mind starting one and being a small cog. I think it would be really cool to just be a guy that does trees.

  6. Heat4Life Avatar

    I wonder what is the best… Java or Gamemaker?! :l

  7. ezetreezy Avatar

    passion > everything else

  8. johnyk891 Avatar

    Nice video, dude! I love it!

  9. Haista Paska Avatar

    It is amazing to know that you can get paid for doing something you love! Like a girl. XD Just kidding, i mean game making.

  10. Vedran Kapetanić Avatar

    Don't make games for money, do it for the player.

  11. Rainbow Wolfy Avatar

    i actually got alot of inspiration to make games when i found out that undertale was made by 1 guy in gamemaker then i got gamemaker and i followed a rts tutorial i finished it in a day and couldn't believe how easy it was

  12. RealTutsGML Avatar

    I Won't Work AAA – Indie Game Motivation

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