Illustrator CC CS6 : Proper Vintage Typography

By the font used in the video :

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35 responses to “Illustrator CC CS6 : Proper Vintage Typography”

  1. azam baig Avatar

    excellent tuorials

  2. PAUL SCH Avatar

    Hi, Will, great tut. I assume the butcher and block is not to be downloaded for free? Let me know, please.

  3. LISA SCOTT Avatar

    where did u get the photos of animals?

  4. LISA SCOTT Avatar

    what was the font called? there are different bundles not sure which one its in

  5. Ashton Leath Avatar

    WIll, I've watched a few videos that talk about using pathfinder and "minus front." I'm not sure what the problem is, but it doesn't seem to work. I follow your instruction and once I hit minus front, it may only happen to one part of the object (though they are united together as one) or with this video, my font wasn't a cursive/connected font and so all the letters disappeared but one. I promise I tried it maybe five times. I'm probably just missing something.

  6. Sylwia Adamowska Avatar

    That's brilliant! Thanks!

  7. Ro C. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing. I love this effect.

  8. Andrew E. Martinez Avatar

    what is the name of the font? i can't find the link

  9. George Chung Song Jenn Avatar

    Good tutorial video. Simple and easy to understand. Thanks for the sharing.

  10. Rezo Gogolashvili Avatar

    Hey! I appreciate your sharing of this lesson, it has helped me gain an important technique. Very cool!
    I have a problem, can anyone assist please? I have done a couple of these through Distort> bulge effect (I'm leaving the values on 0 as advised) but suddenly this is not producing the grid/envelope I can manipulate, you know, by dragging the anchor points or handles in the "mask" or whatever it is called. I have the effect listed in Appearance panel however, and obviously I can input values there but that's it! And ctrl+h will not show the anchors in a new envelope. Please help! thanks!

  11. Diagonal 79 Avatar

    Dear Will, your video is awesome, thank you so much! Just a question…how did you apply the chalkboard effect on the lamp image? I've tried everything in photoshop and my brushes just won't do 🙁 could you kindly help me?

  12. Tyler James Blair Avatar

    You don't have the font like in your description – you just have a link to your Creative Market page..

  13. kerien aimer alvarez Avatar

    hi will ,,im using cs5 im having a problem about clicking the bulge effect to 0 bend, i cant find the mesh on my text.

  14. Zoe Doucette Avatar

    Why does he "expand->compound path->minus front" why doesnt he just leave the white? I'm also unsure what compound path does, why does he need to do that?

  15. Tyler James Blair Avatar

    I've done a couple of these in Illustrator, as well! But I was wondering…can you do the text wrap in an object with Photoshop too? If so, what is it called?

  16. Lexie H Avatar

    Thank you so much for your videos.  I just got a subscription to the Adobe creative cloud and your videos have helped me so much when learning how to use illustrator.  The past few weeks when I haven't known how to do something the first place I've gone to is your channel.  Can't wait to see more and more of your tutorials.   🙂

  17. Jasmeen Malhotra Avatar

    Yay this was really helpful, thank you

  18. muhammad arif Rahman Avatar

    THANKS ALOT,, i try to find how to compound Path more than two moon ago,, finally thanks alot my bray Will Paterson

  19. Andrea Dyck Avatar

    LOVE that light bulb image! Looks awesome

  20. Maker Family Vlogs Avatar

    Just came across your channel, you vids are super helpful and fun to watch. Plus you're design style is right down my alley. Thanks dude!

  21. Victor Archie Avatar

    Thank you, great and easy to follow tutorial!

  22. kjohn919 Avatar

    How did you get the text to have the bounding box after you wrote it?

  23. Yanna Zee Avatar

    Can you make a video about the graphic design basics.  If you're first starting out, what are some things you should learn?  Maybe even some faux assignments? Thanks for the great vids!

  24. cristhian serna Avatar

    great tutorial mate, can you post the link where to find some vectors such those please?

  25. ScreamTheHeadlines Avatar

    Yeah man, top tutorial but can you show us how you grunge your work up?

  26. Dora Barbaric Avatar

    can you do a tutorial on how to do that grunge texture in 0:25 ?

  27. Christopher Kanze Avatar

    Thanks for another great tutorial Will!

  28. Allie Killian Avatar


    Did you draw the cow used in this tutorial? I'm looking for one to use to practice this tutorial.

    Allie Killian

  29. ONAS FX Avatar

    I love vintage!

  30. Lamar Battle Avatar


  31. Jared Watson Avatar

    Keep Rocking! Great Vid as usual

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