Illustrator CC Tutorial – Making Shadow Lines

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13 responses to “Illustrator CC Tutorial – Making Shadow Lines”

  1. belutpuaka Avatar

    Good tutorial and I'm glad I'm watching it….Thanks for the lesson

  2. Peter Sather Avatar


  3. Stephanie Battista Avatar

    I'll be damned. That is awesome. So much more efficient. Great video, dude!

  4. Gabble Gook Avatar

    Hi Will, I love your vids–so to-the-point and lighthearted. Can you make a video on illustrator tips and tricks to work faster and more professionally? I feel like I know the basics but wish I could increase my workflow and appear more professional to clients. Thanks loads!

  5. Jay Mccrary Avatar

    i can honestly say your the only one i can follow, other videos are sometimes complicated to follow. good job keep em coming !

  6. Vusi Khosa Avatar

    Great Tutorial….

  7. Dansky Avatar

    Nice font Will. If you don't mind me asking, what software do you use to take the typeface design from Illustrator into something that generates an .otf or .ttf file as the output?

  8. Tony J Avatar

    Good tutorial Will 🙂 Is there a specific reason why you drew the lines that way? Wouldn't using the blend tool be a lot faster and easier to refine?

  9. blazedxjan Avatar

    Great video sir, can't wait for the rest.

  10. wout844 Avatar

    Awesome tutorial! I learned a lot!

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