Illustrator CS6 CC Tutorial – Editing Letters

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34 responses to “Illustrator CS6 CC Tutorial – Editing Letters”

  1. mohammed alghamdi Avatar

    The Rock Star ⭐️ of Graphic design

  2. Mikel Alexander Pellicer Avatar

    Illustrator noob here, I have a question. Say I have an image of a logo. and the letters are like overlapping each other, like on top of each other. How can I image trace the logo so that i can separate the letters from one another? BTW, this image is a JPG.

  3. likklemiss87 Avatar

    Just what I was looking for, thanks a bunch Will

  4. likklemiss87 Avatar

    Just what I was looking for, thanks a bunch Will

  5. Nickember Gonzalez Avatar

    You helped me sooo DUDE!

  6. YERIOS Avatar

    Hello Will could you please show how you did the the O and R?

  7. John Moses Aposaga Avatar

    Thank you for this! ^_^

  8. Victor Escarcega Avatar

    whats the name of the font you use?

  9. Yofie Setiawan Avatar

    I miss coreldraw…

  10. Isadora de Lima Conciani Avatar

    Hey! Whats the command that you had use to "hide" the letters and then pressing "f"to unhide them? Btw, the tutorial was great, thanks.

  11. John Doe Avatar

    dude, I can't say thank you enough !!
    Your tutorial answered ALL of my burning questions at once – this tutorial is perfect for a beginner like me.
    And by burning questions – how do you ''explode'' – transform into a shape an object – DONE
    – how do you align to artboard – DONE
    -other q – DONE

    tip for newbies: the Align to Artboard option becomes available AFTER you select the object (dooh) and the menu up top has a small button – Align to Selection or Align to Artboard – if you choose the 2nd option, the small buttons appear uptop (indent to left,center,right,etc)


  12. E. K Avatar

    can anyone tell me the best way to put highlights on the text like he has in beginning… btw great tutorial real easy to fallow!!

  13. Neyvis Cot Avatar

    thank you, wonderful

  14. lucian Avatar

    how to get back the U ???

  15. TheSimplechunk Avatar

    omg jon snow! @ accent


    what command he use to separates the word?

  17. gbabyjzphil23 Avatar

    Thank you very much! Helped me out right when I needed it, and happy it's straight to the point!!

  18. Media Temple Avatar

    Thanks alot for this tutorial

  19. Eric Talerico Avatar

    Nice tutorial – quick, to the point and very useful.

  20. Rich Price Avatar

    Hey there nice video!  can you use any font for this?  If not thats fine!

  21. manuel hendrickx Avatar

    where can i find the font?

  22. Leela Mazarei Avatar

    when i press command & F my letter doesn't come back..

  23. Steven Garrison Avatar

    Can this be done with any font?

  24. nhata Avatar

    what command did you use to bring back U character at minutes 3:48 ?
    I don't really hear it hehehe
    and thank you for your great tutorial 😀

  25. dyedDrapes Avatar

    Facepalm >< Sorry. He's from West + had 2 other accents so his was like this strange..brew of accents. Lookin' forward to more tuts, x 🙂

  26. dyedDrapes Avatar

    It's sexy, especially compared to the Yorkshire accent of the guy I dated (no offense to those that have it, sorry, just my personal preference). I'm wondering where you're from in the UK, but you might think I'm a stalker so nvm, lol. I shall subscribe & maybe play your videos & set them on repeat on my iPad even when I sleep, so I can listen to your lovely accent in my dreams 😀 Hehe, thanks Will

  27. dyedDrapes Avatar

    I think the font is Lobster (Open Type).. Thanks for this, love your accent, Will.

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