Illustrator CS6 CC Tutorial: Texturing Your Work

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31 responses to “Illustrator CS6 CC Tutorial: Texturing Your Work”

  1. runningheadcom Avatar

    Great presentation, though the technique adds hundreds of points to the object. Maybe a less "destructive" technique would be more efficient?

  2. Brian Pearce Avatar

    sweetness DE-LUX ! thks

  3. Eco Graphics Avatar

    That was helpful. Thanks

  4. jordan king Avatar

    Use path finder and press "alt" to create compound path, that should sort out your issues!

  5. Sharper Avatar

    Uses mac
    "Big computer"

  6. Auxodium Avatar

    Sorry but nothing happened. I followed the extra help in the comments but it removes everything

  7. Daniel Eder Avatar

    Minus front.. sweet! thank you

  8. Kyle W. Knapp Avatar

    Hey Will. Love your tutorials. 1 question about this process. I got everything right – including the same exact texture – but when I went to go apply the texture with the button under the pathfinder tab it did so. But it left the remaining texture around the the vector image. My question is: How do I get rid of that?

    Thank you for all of your hard work, Will.

  9. joe fernandez Avatar

    how can i make the texture to be ''transparent'' like hole through the logo ?

  10. Airborne Avatar

    Always good to get clear and decent information!

  11. Molly Skipsey Avatar

    Can this be done to normal images and shapes as well? I've attempted to do so but I always get this. "The filter produced no results. Please select two Intersecting paths."
    Any help?

  12. Borrego Avatar

    I made my text outlines, but the textures only apply to one letter..

  13. d1bestplayer Avatar

    Sucks this doesn't work with pc's

  14. Martin Diz Avatar

    How do I make this on a text? What needs to be done to that text for this to work? If I do it like in this video, an error comes up.

  15. jmk live Avatar

    after I select all of image where do I from there? shape modes? is that what you said , if so  I can't  find it for the life of me. Please Help

  16. Kronda Osby Avatar

    HI Will, I can't get the minus front to work with text and the texture.  Please advise.

  17. NearsL Avatar

    I did it with 1 letter, I made it have outlines, then with a full word like "grandma" it just deletes all letters and makes it work on only the letter G…

  18. NearsL Avatar

    its so weird, it doesn't ever work for me, ever…I do everything, with letters, and just egh, it just doesn't work…

  19. Avanti Morocha Avatar

    I'm just curious why don't you use the transparent panel (masks) instead?

  20. Daniela Popa Avatar

    What if your anchor was white and it had a black background? How would you texture the background as well?

  21. Aprendizz Avatar

    Very helpful tutorial… thank you! I've been looking for something like this…!

  22. yomega brain Avatar

    Will, how did you make the "texture shape" that you pasted in? I would really like to learn how to do my own.

  23. julie lewis Avatar

    I commented earlier from Grayson RECC, I see now what I was doing wrong, it was when I was grouping the letters.  I found my mistake by watching one of your other videos and it was mentioned in that to not group.  These tutorials have been very helpful!!!! Thanks!

  24. graysonreccphotos Avatar

    Hi Will, great tutorials!  I did this on a shape and it worked out fine.  However, I tried it on text and it didn't work for me.  I changed my text to outlines, then I placed the texture on top and used the minus front button but it deleted everything except the first letter of the word.  What am I doing wrong?

  25. Danny Woods Avatar

    Didn't work. Apparently none of the paths intersected.

  26. David Hess Avatar

    Hi Will! I hope you're well — and I hope you receive this message sooner than later as I'm actively working on this project! I have been using the grunge that you provided…and was doing great things with it.  Suddenly, I can't seem to use the technique you taught here and I have NO idea what changed, or perhaps if I'm deselected an option, etc. 

    The design (see the link) is text that I've compiled and edited, I've outlined the text, and used it punch out the circle shapes, etc etc.  However, when I go to punch the grunge texture through, it won't work.  Both the grunge layer and the underlying texture are selected.  Am I missing something vital?? HEEEEEEELP!!

  27. Thomas Phan Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this is so helpful tutorial.
    Anyways, I just learnt we can use Clipping Mask (just like what we do with Photoshop) too for the same result without destroying the original object.

  28. Ross Stewart Avatar

    When I select all my objects and hit minus from front nothing happens? (It's two rectangles with the vectors over the top).

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