Illustrator Tutorial: Perfect Curves With The Pen Tool

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48 responses to “Illustrator Tutorial: Perfect Curves With The Pen Tool”

  1. superpixelated Avatar

    really like this angled technique

  2. Brooke Herron Avatar

    Great tutorial! Just wondering if you always turn the drawing the the angle of the letters? So if there was no angle, you wouldn't turn it at all?

  3. osmoregulatoryorgan Avatar

    Nicely done. That looks slick.

  4. Arnab RS Avatar

    You have no idea, NO IDEA, as to how much of a revelation this video was for me!

    I come from a NURBS background, and recently got into a bit of graphic design work – and getting my head around working with a Bezier curve system instead of NURBS curve system was doing my head in.
    This video, though, just changed that forever!

  5. Wentaya Avatar

    What an awful explanation. In fact, there was pretty much no explanation whatsoever, just a quickie demonstration that was not very helpful.

  6. Woodhill Marketing Avatar

    So I have followed this tutorial and another of yours to a T as well as another video not made by you to try to achieve this effect by using minus front. I have it outlined, then made into a compound path, sent the grunge shape to the front, and every time it hasn't worked. I have the latest version for 2017 and I'm not sure if there's a setting off or if there's something different in this version but any help would be greatly appreciated because this is driving me absolutely crazy. My results btw have varied but usually after I press minus front it leaves the grunge shape and one letter of my wording.

  7. Fraktur Obsession Avatar

    One of the best tutorials on youtube. Detailed slow steps with commentary. I really appreciate how your share lots of yours skills and knowledge with nice quality and production with us. Thanks alot

  8. Anzyanz Avatar

    THIS IS A GAMECHANGER. I subscribed about 1 minute into your tutorial. Great stuff!

  9. Malika Malika Avatar

    Thank you, the tut was great! But your accent in
    alt" made me think you're pressing the "O" key 😀 That was so funny when I realized that you're saying "oolt" 😀 Thanks 😀

  10. Holly Pereira Avatar

    Good tips with the horizontal and verticals. Thanks Will.

  11. Jamie R. Avatar

    Pretend a British Jonah Hill is voicing this and you'll have a funner time.
    Thanks for the video.

  12. Joshua James Avatar

    I always use this technique and I hate when I get to an angle like you did with the loop of the "g"!

  13. Vivianeleezer Avatar

    Jesus you were the hero I was looking for.. Finally someone that explains the pentool properly and how you can use it to it's full abilities.

  14. Luis Ureña Avatar

    You´re amazing, man. You`ve got a new subscriber. 🙂

  15. Young Rich Avatar

    oh Lord that accent…

  16. Indie Game Dev Openvnit Avatar

    Hi, how can you show keystroke?

  17. Layla Nahar Avatar

    OMG these little things like command+click will 'turn off' the pen tool & stuff like that – priceless!

  18. Valerie Malla Avatar

    Hi Will, it's a great tutorial! I'm wondering how to get the string? @4:02 — after I shift+click to get a right angle and then let go…. there is no further string to take to the left @ 4:14

    Does that make sense? I'm wondering the very basics of what is happening with your hands/keyboard to make those starting maneuvers. Thanks 🙂

  19. Ryan Ross Avatar

    So that's the trick; sticking to horizontal and vertical!
    Good form, +Will Paterson

    Good bit of knowledge on using these voctorizing hand lettering projects on your portfolio as well.

  20. Hanif Namikpasha Avatar

    so how to rotate with right angle after finish draw all curves?

  21. Leftclot Avatar

    Will: "And i know its cheating…. but we've done it."
    Me: :')

  22. Leftclot Avatar

    HAH. that explains why everything i was doing with the pen tool in my illustrator seemed so wrong..
    Thanks a lot Will !

  23. Cody Parris Avatar

    you got my sub man! your insta is sick bro keep up the great work!

  24. Nina Bohonová Avatar

    thank you so much for making this video! it really helped me a lot

  25. Hyun Park Avatar

    Hi there, I'm currently learning Illustrator properly at my University, but previously created things in Illustrator with terrible curves. This tutorial is perfect and this really seems like a full proof way for perfect curves. Thanks so much for your wisdom, it's greatly appreciated! 🙂

  26. Artur Paprocki Avatar

    But why ? Honestly 😀

  27. the_L3G. Avatar

    When u make it in 13 minutes instead

  28. Tushavi Baig Avatar

    Extremely Helpful Videos

  29. Blood Drugs Avatar

    Thank you, English Jonah Hill!

  30. Andrea Mavárez Avatar

    Do you have Behance?

  31. DronStudios Avatar

    If I was in a situation where holding shift isn't necessary how would I create smooth curves? Because my main problem is going along a curve and it looks choppy at certain points.

  32. Jovis Joseph Avatar

    thanks for the great tip man….I've always wondered how you guys get such perfect curves ….

  33. Kirk Stanovich Avatar

    This was extremely insightful! Thank you! 🙂

  34. Gem Princess Avatar

    how do you make your pen tool have the line follow the mouse as you go on? idk if i explained that right but i hope you understood my question lol

  35. Marijn Carton Avatar

    Shit dude, I'm always messing with the guides by using the rotate tool to angle them, never thought of something so simple as just keeping them straight and rotating my image! :')
    Awesome tip with the pen tool! I love me some tight curves 😉 keep up the good work!

  36. Fred Flowers Corozal Pride Foundation Avatar

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  37. TheTrippleTKA Avatar

    quit porn to watch this.

  38. Dwi Priyatmoko Avatar

    a perfect simple tips will 🙂

  39. Damian Grosso Avatar

    Thank you so much, Will! Great tutorial. You've totally changed my perception on how to use the pen tool!

  40. Paulo Aloisio Avatar

    well done, this was the first useful I've seen on the basic use of the pen!

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