Image In Text • Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to add an image into
text using the clipping mask and adding details with blending options and downloadable images.
Download Mountain Image:

Download Snow Image:

Download Font:

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41 responses to “Image In Text • Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Alexandre Val Avatar

    First video I see ! First video I use 😉 well done
    P.S : I disable the addblock or your videos and your website

  2. Bugs Bunny Avatar

    Nice one i got to know alot of things from it … THnkx Bro

  3. Snow Rime Avatar

    I first handle photoshop. It's too difficult to understand how to use.

  4. Alaqsa Carpets at D'Kebun Commercial Centre Avatar

    hi Sir
    Can you please tell me how to download Png sparkle, png lights, and other editing images you'll use in photoshop but as zip folder.
    Like full Png effects pack. 🙂

  5. An Hoàng Văn Avatar

    how to download adobe photoshop ?

  6. Jokur TM Avatar

    Dude you are the BEST Thank you

  7. PH.MANUEL Avatar

    Straight up nuts… Best tutorial to ever follow

  8. Mohammed Abdul Rahim Babikier Avatar

    Thank you finally i did it, but i have a question
    in the beginning why you use "smooth" type to start texting?

  9. MaxiPlaysGames Avatar

    The best thing is that you explained it clearly without audio.

  10. Samrita Menon Avatar

    Hey! There is no option to 'Create Clipping Mask' when i right click on the image layer. Please help. 🙂

  11. Ebony Abrone Avatar


  12. Elevayting Avatar

    really helpful, thx alot!

  13. Reshy Avatar

    is there a way i can do this with multiple images a once?

  14. MerGim BaLaj Avatar

    photoshop now click ctrl + ? 1:52

  15. - lukeyowo Avatar

    HI. so I'm trying the 'Select your Move Tool and just drag and drop like so' part. It doesn't move, the photo is still on its place. Ohmygosh. Help me. Im a begginer so can you please help me? Thanks.

  16. Rebekah Martin Avatar

    THANKS! I seriously watched 6 other videos and yours was the only one that got me the result I was looking for.

  17. MuzicLoverForever Avatar

    Cool tutorial, I wish I could see photoshop better my vision is so bad.
    I want to do this in my multimedia class but I can't see were the mouse is going.
    Could you possibly write some directions for me?

  18. Jethco Avatar

    This would be 100% better with a vocal explanation in my opinion. But thanks. I've learned today.

  19. Hcrap Avatar

    I cant seen the bucket please help me?

  20. san creation Avatar

    i need this software

  21. san creation Avatar

    which is this software?

  22. TrustyBat360 Avatar

    can youhelpme?when i resize picture i always lost mPhoto Quality please tell me how to resize image without lost Image Quality?

  23. Jakub Kaczmarek Avatar

    I just say to "WOW" Amazign 🙂

  24. FBTwitz MC Avatar

    Thanks for the quick tips tutorial!

  25. Brim Elpaso Avatar

    Do you know of any tutorials on how i can put a video inside on text on sony vegas

  26. Tapsy Sharma Avatar

    Hi there, I'm using Photoshop CC 2014 & neither I see paint bucket tool in the tools option & nor Animation option in Window tab. PS I'm a total beginner. Is there any way to get these tools appear in the tool option? And your tutorials are amazing easy to learn, w/ video demonstration. Thank you! 🙂

  27. jai shah Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial it was great and helped a lot

  28. Kim Irnie Escabusa Avatar

    This is nice. I have a question, what version of photoshop are you using? CS_…?

  29. lil Bart Avatar

    I wish you had a mic so bad your videos are amazing 😀 with a mic trust me you would be huge

  30. Konoki Avatar

    Man !! you're so amazing !! thank's bro !! 

  31. Bonk Avatar

    i dont have paint bucket .-.

  32. Toasted Medieval Avatar

    Very very cool, I'm really loving your channel because it really helps me a lot at editing, at first I didn't subscribe you yet because the first video I watch to you was how to change eye color and that was great but I think that you have so many long videos but when I goto your channel it was great, your videos are actually fast and I love it, that's why I subscribed you and if I'm having trouble at Photoshop CS6 I'm just gonna watch your videos 😀

  33. Isai Lopez en español Avatar

    i want to be a graphic designer and your videos  help me a lot, thank you!

  34. Braća Sprdakšn Avatar

    wtf ctrl + T not working i dont have alt ..crap

  35. jonathan castro Avatar

    hey men its telling me that i can cant draged it to the the other layer it says that is block can you please help me

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