Indie Game Dev: So Much Blood Prototypes

Play the builds yourself:

Thank you for watching, inspiration for this video is from ThinMatrix and his style of development vlogs. If you have any questions about the game please feel free to comment!

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36 responses to “Indie Game Dev: So Much Blood Prototypes”

  1. Tsar Gopnik Avatar

    I always liked Indie games better than big titles. Because almost 90% of Indie games are made by down to Earth people that make them because it's fun to, and not for just money.

  2. NightX Avatar

    Could you do a fog tutorial in Java?

  3. PewPewDragon Avatar

    I don't think this is a great game or even a game interesting enough to make me want to try. However its not the game that's important here. What's important is that you showed progress and improvement. It's very nice to see how it started and where it ended and knowing what you decided to add or remove along the way. Most videos I've seen about indie game dev either gives bullet point advice on how to get started or shows some time lapse of projects in development. This is encouraging for me as I am attempting to build my first game. 🙂

  4. Maxuo Avatar

    Lol this is awesome, why are people dissing this great game?

  5. It happens Avatar

    Bro, where is update?

  6. Esesem ssm Avatar

    Blood is given so much importance in this game. What is the actual role of blood in the gameplay?
    It's good that you have made a game and put it on Steam. Keep it up. Don't listen to harsh comments.

  7. Leone Kaiser Avatar

    can you do a tutorial on limbs that are just basically a string of balls? I have been curious how that is accomplished.

  8. UberAlex Avatar

    Hey Zach, don't listen to hate comments. I'll definitely be buying So Much Blood when I top up my steam wallet! And anyway, how can they say anything without a single game to their name? Lol, keep it up anyway!

  9. Horo | ホロ Avatar

    While I really like to see you happy about your video game development and I'm thankful too (to some extent, I started creating my first little games with the tutorials on this channel, but realised in the long run that there are far more efficient ways of writing code, iterating through the entities and so on), however I don't like your constant self-congratulation ("good video game" for example).

    To me the game didn't evolve much. During the prototypes and versions it seems like all you did was add fx and new assets, as well as some cleanup.

    You never branched out from the initial idea, creating a very one sided game, with some flaws that seem hurtful to the player. Frankly I never played your game, however just from watching it feels like I'd spent one or two times playing through it and then never playing it again, as it seems like a rougelike, without the strengths of the other genre representatives.

    Especially not being able to shoot up and down, and yes even if it is intended it doesn't feel right and is bad game design to some extent, as you artificially give the player difficulty, as the player expects something to work, but you don't deliver on that. Enemies wouldn't pose threats if you could aim up and down to me it seems, so I see the flaw in not being able to create a challenging enemy.

    Also the progression seems really bad to me, the player doesn't seem to get challenged at all, after getting used to the mechanics. Picking up weapons seems luck based and feel bad when you get something worse than what you had and so on.

    I think you should watch this ( ) to learn a bit more about "flow", because solely from a viewers standpoint this seems to be what you lack the most.

    Yes, you create games for yourself, but I think that the harsh criticism you received should show you that instead of being "happy with how it is" you should continue forward with how you should improve. As you saw thinmatrix as the inspiration for this video, if you skip through some of his devlog videos, you should notice that he has a basic idea and expands on it every now and then, something I don't see in your game.

    I hope you see this as I intended it all, as well as being able to understand the points I was listing

  10. TheManeOfLife Avatar

    Bro, don't let those hate comments keep you down. I think this game will be a hit . And I will be definitely waiting to check it out when it comes out.

  11. TheManeOfLife Avatar

    Top Down shooters you love them and you get better at making them every time.

  12. Andreas Knudsen Avatar

    Awesome the see the process of the game, good job! I was wondering if someone here in the commend section know where I can find a tutorial explaining how I can generate a diffrent zone each time.

  13. D.D.T Avatar

    Man, seeing so many hate comments. But don't worry about them. You've gotten way further than many of them simply by actually finishing and releasing a game. The game might not be the binding of issac, but hey! You got it made. Keep making games and keep improving man!

  14. Pitter Productions Avatar

    Hello! All right? Do you already make money from your content? If you don't, can I help you?

  15. Albin9000 Avatar

    I'd like to see vertical shooting being added, or maybe even mouse or keyboard controlled aiming, but other than that I love where this is going

  16. slime Avatar

    It would be cool to get blood on your feet when u walk over a puddle so u leave a small trail

  17. Sverre Avatar

    Where can you play this?

  18. HeroH// Avatar

    I'm curious on how was the creative decision behind having only horizontal shooting? It feel like the game would benefit a lot if it had at least a 4 direction shooting.
    Great progress btw 😀

  19. The Beyond: :X56VE7 SH5V5# Avatar

    Amazing….. Plz sub my channel…

  20. mattster1208 Avatar

    can you do a tutorial on the blood splatter?

  21. Bradley Chick Avatar

    Really cool seeing the progress of the game builds! Quick question, is there anywhere you can point me to show how to implement a loading screen where it shows the progress? Or was that merely reflecting the level gen and not things like art assets and such?

  22. Ray Mag Avatar

    Why is Rexfurry not on youtube anymore?

  23. jackfrostknight Avatar

    Amazing! I would love to know how you implemented that fog effect 2:54 .

  24. redph0nix Avatar

    What was the game developed with? Like language and tools?

  25. Larry Lawrence Avatar

    thank you for gamemaker video

  26. Viartus Avatar

    hello, can I send u my game Im developing? I would like to know your opinion

  27. Zmads Avatar

    I like the idea that you need to know the shoot button before you encounter enemies, how you manage to create this fog effect? It's so sublte and amazing

  28. AZzz AaZz Avatar

    Seen so many negative reviews from the game

  29. EngineerZ.Games Avatar

    Nice progress 🙂 its really bloody 😀

  30. Zaj lord Avatar

    My dream is i will by like u :3 😀

  31. GloGhost Avatar

    How much sales did you make on the game? You don't gotta say if you don't want to, it's your business

  32. Mojko Avatar

    This wasn't even close to thinmatrix's videos xD

  33. Reax Avatar

    I love the music!

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