Indirect Hypnosis How To

Here I explain the steps that go into Indirect Hypnosis. Capture attention, Establish a Trance, The Yes Set, Power of Analogies, How Milton Erickson did it and much more.






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  1. Kathy Bor Avatar

    thanks, useful presentation! (Apostrophes not needed for plurals!)

  2. fixationstudios Avatar

    Your videos are really great.  The programming videos are the best I've seen, they are concise and don't waste a lot of time.  I usually prefer books because I can't deal with inarticulate presenters that interrupt train of thought and use a lot of Uhs and Ahs.  You are obviously brilliant and talented on many fronts.   PLEASE stop using the possessive when you want something plural.  You want people to watch your videos NOT your video's.  This mistake seems to permeate everywhere on the internet.  Thanks for all your hard work, and great job.  SUBSCRIBED .

  3. Brad Beatty Avatar

    Your videos are absolutely fabulous.  A little constructive criticism, given with the best intentions… Please fix your grammar – it detracts from your message.  Plural words do not need apostrophes.  (not apostrophe's).  Then there is "your" used instead of "you're" for "you are", etc.  And I think you are using "unconscious" when you mean "subconscious".  Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  4. Tom Delano Avatar

    Can you make a video on hypnotic storytelling? I will use the concept for good! At least show ME how!

  5. x1plus1x Avatar

    These are not the droids you're looking for.

  6. Chris Hudson Avatar

    can u make a video on reading people

  7. Aditya Samadhiya Avatar

    That means I spent a whole year in a trance? :O
    Anyways, great Video!

  8. Mace Windu Avatar

    You spelt "you're" incorrect at 7:34.

  9. kunal kumar Toolsy Avatar

    Derek sir i have watched many of your tutorials on programming mainly java and dessign pattern, but i would like to request you a tutorial on socket programming in C language !!!

  10. Hitler was vegetarian tho Avatar

    Excactly what I was looking for ! 

  11. Bryant Kong Avatar

    wow, you are so kind and knowledgeable , teacher Derek. Not only for your programming tutorial, but also teaching people how to take control of life. it seems the combination of all of them is your tutorials' main feature, which is marvelous and trustworthy . I just hope to talk to you on Skype if permission granted.   Hoping can get your reply soon. 🙂

  12. Lady B Avatar

    I am doing a report on this for school, do you have an article with the information on it by chance? (I do all of my self-selected reports on your work =)

  13. Weezy Avatar

    You're awesome man!

  14. Derek Banas Avatar

    Most all fears are removed by challenging yourself to face them in small increments. Most people that are afraid of a fight have never been hit. When I was very little I went through that. I had a friend punch me in the nose ( not the best idea ) and it hurt, but not as much as I would have thought. I wasn't afraid of getting hit again. It is also a good idea to take serious martial arts classes. Jeet Kun Do is effective

  15. lasse amelung Avatar

    please do a video on how to remove social fear or how to protect yourself in a fight

  16. Derek Banas Avatar

    I'm sure you don't need to do that 🙂
    A little off topic, but the crazy thing we discovered when using NLP techniques on people was that it started to be very easy to sell people. We went from 10% closing rates to over 70%. There was a negative however. If the clients didn't continue to receive reinforcement that the purchase was good they would grow to dislike the salesman. They didn't know how, but subconsciously they knew they were tricked.

  17. Derek Banas Avatar

    I wasn't trained formally. I worked for a big marketing firm. My job was to study research carried on in these areas and then try to apply them in the real world. They had a bunch of NLP practitioners under employment. We would brainstorm on how techniques could improve either a phone or in person sale. I then tested them myself hundreds of times and then I trained people with them and monitored results. It was a lot of fun

  18. mujerdivina1590 Avatar

    Wait… is there a way to hypnotise my guy to marry me?

  19. mujerdivina1590 Avatar

    I love all these psychology videos! I'm interested in learning NLP. Did you study with a practitioner or can you tell me which schools are good? I've seen some people on LinkedIn claim they were certified by the Society of NLP for instance. But I want to train with the best & the brightest because this is my passion.

  20. Derek Banas Avatar

    I have actually cut way back on caffeine, but I still don't require much sleep. My wife thinks I have adhd, but I manage it without drugs in some weird way 🙂

  21. Tanya D Avatar

    and I thought "how many cups of coffee this guy has in 1 day?" 🙂
    Wish you an excellent health! 🙂

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