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Welcome to part 3 of my Inkscape Video Tutorial. You should watch the previous parts before watching this. Here they are part 1 & 2.

In this tutorial I will cover how to use : the Pathfinder Tools, RGB, HSL, CMYK, Blur, Fill, Stroke, Dropper Tool, the Tweak Tool, Dashes, Joints, Gradient Tool, Gradient Options and much more. I packed a ton of information into this one video and I hope you like it.






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  1. Carla Reeder Avatar

    Hi Derek, I'm kind of late to the party! Just now found your tutorials – they are very well done and easy to understand. I've watched 1-3, can't wait to see more! I mainly want to use Inkscape to edit my hand drawn art, I'm hoping you cover something like that, although it's good for me to have an overview of the whole program as well. Cheers!

  2. Pablo Astudillo Avatar

    hello you can make a video like make patterns for scroll saw and potrait thank you very much

  3. Sim-ply Deli'cious Avatar

    Really amazing followed the Tutorial recommendation and by part 3, these short series have got me hitting the road running. very simple and precise. definitely very experienced going by the instructions and simplicity of explanations and examples, well worth every precious second. a very compact capsule . THANK YOU again

  4. Tushar Gola Avatar

    u explain so well that there are no further questions…thanks mate for all your work. 🙂

  5. Ed Dablin Avatar

    Videos are excellent

  6. sofiane biochimiste Avatar

    Thanks very much for your helfull tutorials plz can i download all your tutoriel and why not create then others free tutoriel in french

  7. Yelena Gavrilkina Avatar

    Very informative tutorials. Keep watching over and over again. Thank You very much.

  8. Ethel Pepper Avatar

    Is it possible to rotate something 5 degrees?

  9. Vedant Kumar Avatar

    One of the best tutorials I have ever seen on YouTube! Great Job.Thanks a lot

  10. Yelena Gavrilkina Avatar

    Very nice tutorials -informative and clear. Helps a lot The only question so far-can't find answer. How to make invisible gradient handles. Once i finished with fill gradient and want to work on stroke gradient they still there and interfere with further editing. Thank You

  11. mamta motwani Avatar

    great tutorial…very well explained in very less time…thank you soo much helped me alot…

  12. Iris Eden Avatar

    hi Derek , i have the new version and i could not edit my gradient.

  13. Madara Uchiha Avatar

    thanks soooooooooo much!

  14. Данило Савченко Avatar

    Pretty cool! And from my side I can easily learn English from you! Thank you so very much!!!)

  15. Juris Magone Avatar

    Very upbeat and informative. Thanks Derek!

  16. Lisa Miller Avatar

    I've got Inkscape .48 and when I dock the swatches on the right, I only have the 'X', and no swatches showing like your demo. I've got the swatches at the bottom. Ideas?

  17. Vance Tenort Avatar

    I've looked everywhere and can't find the Rows And Columns.

  18. Pauline Torres Avatar

    Hello. How do you increase the size of the swatches dialogue box. When I open mine it's really small. Plus, mine doesn't have a scroll bar because it's so small. Thank you 🙂

  19. 82christos Avatar

    Is there any way to arrange the gradient stops at equal spaces from each other?

  20. Shoreshei Tzion Avatar

    Thank you so much! How can I know if Inkscape is compatible with a different language font?

  21. Rita Geraghty Avatar

    I love using Inkscape. It is full of hidden gems. I am now using it for creating stills for Opentoonz.

  22. Rita Geraghty Avatar

    Just storing notes here for reviewing. Don't mind me rambling.

    00:25 – Layers Panel
    01:58 – Fill and Strokes Panel
    03:03 – Blur tool in Fill & Strokes Panel.
    04:19 – Changing colours in fill and strokes
    04:22 – To change fill colours, select object or shape, left click on palette bar below. To change stroke colour, hold down Shift and click on swatches.
    04:56 – Palette/swatches library.
    0:500 – Dropper Tool
    05.26 – To pick up stroke colour in a dropper. Hold down Shift and click on desired colour.
    07: 05 – blend colours in a dropper.
    07:28 – Dropper: Pick and Assign buttons.

  23. Maria Alice van Genne-Bogado Fernandes Avatar

    Hi, Derek! I am learning a lot! Besides, I don't miss a word of what you say. Incredible diction! This also helps! Thank you!

  24. versnellingspook Avatar

    Awesome tutorials, but somehow these video's wont full screen with me properly, they only go to the max size in browser but not the full screen size somehow.

  25. Einstein Parrot Avatar

    Loving these tutorials! Very, very informative. I'm new to all of this, but I've downloaded Inkscape and playing along with you! My brain is about to burst!

  26. Patricia Constantino Sosa Avatar

    Derek you just gave me what I needed!!! I'm trying to create a specific custom shape to laser cut it for a project I'm working in, and I've been trying to find out how I could accomplished it, you gave me all my answers in this video! (path finder functions), thank you! your tutorials are AMAZING!

  27. Sharon Parcel Avatar

    Thanks so much for your awesome tutorials!

  28. Pixel 26 Avatar

    Cool tutorials!!

  29. Tatiana Gomez Avatar

    Love your videos! Have come in really handy. I've always played around with Powerpoint and wanted to learn how to use a software that could allow me to be more creative! I'm on a mac and started with this one to see how I did, and your videos have really made me fall in love with Inkscape! Thanks for sharing. Love your tutorial style!

  30. Cat Dragon Avatar

    im really enjoying all the hard work but im already at #4 and all ive seen was circles ):

  31. Natalia Flaherty Avatar

    Thank you so much, I am just listening one tutorial after another,- so cool, I am so glad I found Inkscape and your tutorials

  32. Dianne Darbouze Avatar

    Hi, I'm new to SVG editing. Wanted to know if you did any tutorials on editing the svg code. I want to download the Inkscape app, but want to make sure if will be doing everything I need.

  33. Catherine Sylvester Avatar

    i am learning so much more about a program i have been using for a while. thank you Ido have a problem though. i create shapes in i escape save as plain sag files and import them into sure cuts a lot software. Somehow the size is not staying constant. i don't understand why when i open the file the size has changed. do you have an idea why?

  34. Brigitte König Avatar

    Very informativ – thank you 😉

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