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In this part of my Inkscape Video Tutorial I cover most everything about the Bezier tool, Node tool and Inkscape Path Effects. I also cover how to fix the common lxml wrapper for libxml2 is required OS X error.

I cover the different types of nodes and paths and how to work with them. I cover every Inkscape Path Effect : Pattern Along Path, Stitch Sub Paths, Bend, Construct grid, Gears, Hatches, Interpolate Sub Paths, Knot, Ruler, Sketch, Spiro Spline, VonKoch and provide examples for each.






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  1. Mathista Ninerone Avatar

    I would also like to know what the difference between group and combine is.

  2. Austin Wood Avatar

    Hi Derek,

    I don't know if you still read these considering this post is from 2013, but let me just first say how much I appreciated your tutorials. Very clear, concise, and extremely helpful for someone like me trying to go from zero experience to someone who can do some damage.

    Secondly, I was wondering if you could help me with an issue I've wasted quite a bit of time trying to figure out. If I create a text object, apply "object to path", and do some cool path effects, I am unable to ungroup or separate the letters individually. In an application as simple as Microsoft Paint, you were able to do something like "lasso" your letter and move it around. Is there a similar feature in Inkscape? Or some other method you recommend?

    Again, thanks for everything. I've subscribed to your channel and plan to continue with some coding tutorials next!

  3. Bob Lavallee Avatar

    For those on Ubuntu!
    At 8:34 Derek mentions "Node Sculpting". But you may have noticed that using Alt with your mouse (left button) produces a very strange effect: Inkscape probably "restores" (comes out of full-screen mode) and moves around with your cursor!
    Fix: In the Control Center, open the Windows applet (the applet itself is titled Window Preferences). Click the middle tab (Behavior) and select [x] Super (or "Windows logo") instead of the default Alt.
    Just remember to use your Super key with the mouse to move a window, or restore it after the Inkscape session is over.

    Note: this list of tutorials has been linked in a post titled List of YouTube Inkscape Tutorials under Tricks and Tutorials.

  4. aashiq hussain Avatar

    How can I put a border around an image?

  5. Caspar de Jonge Avatar

    At 6.04 you say 'select them both of them' , but I don't know how I can select two seperate nodes nor can I see if I have done so.. Can you help?

  6. Alison Rodseth Avatar

    Thank you so much for these amazing tutorials!

  7. Данило Савченко Avatar

    i'm sorry , but i can't see that blue lines and circles called cusp node handles when tapping on node…

  8. cc Avatar

    Hi Derek Banas, again TY for these FANTASTIC tutorials, you’re incredibly helpful!
    Q. IN Pathfinder, @ about 14:15, When creating a Pattern Along Path, e.g., circles REPEATED, they’re not in color? Is there a way to have a finished, colored object, like creating a Brush Stroke Pattern (think a vector GEM Stone, created within IS) of an object with shading etc., & have this finished graphic along a Path? Say like a Path of Gems? Or some sort of vector graphic pattern created with IS? (Or is that in a later Tut?) TY!!

  9. Roland Oligny Avatar

    I have old family photos dating back to 1900. I would like to send them to other family members after I edit and identify the faces in those photos. If I post the original photo, copy it and put it under the first photo, circle each face and number each face. Then, underneath, type each persons name. Is this possible? I have viewed 4 Inkscape videos to obtain some knowledge of how to do my project, BUT?????? Thank You.

  10. Phoebe Gordon Avatar

    I'm jumping ahead of the class here, but having had some experience with Adobe AI, one of the most important things it could do for me was layers. I was able to have several different layers that I could export to PDF and then have the option to switch off some of those layers that I don't want to see. Can you tell me if Inkscape can do that or something similar.

  11. M Asa Avatar

    This was a useful video for me, Thank you very much.

  12. Rohan Pradhan Avatar

    i am not able to find the option key …on windows as in videos< alt key is not working

  13. Bharat Kumar Gupta Avatar

    can i also request a gimp series?

  14. Barbara Kley Marschke Avatar

    When I draw with the Bezier tool, it only gives me straight lines. I can click on each node to change them, but cannot figure out how to get the curve as I draw, the way yours works.

  15. Brody Sorrell Avatar

    Knot just crashed my inkscape too hahah!

  16. Bipin Oli Avatar

    As always great Video 🙂

  17. Lane Rae Beagles Avatar

    Ok I have a question about word manipulation. When you type the word HELLO, I follow until you select all of the letters. I go step by step but can never select all of the letters unless I ctrl K when they are all selected. At that point if I choose a node and attempt to move the entire word only that one particular node is effected. The same happens when I draw a line. I am unable to make nodes just by selecting with item with the correct node tool and hitting the "ad node" icon at the top of the page. I must add them manually. When I use the alt key to alter the line only the potion between the two nodes is effected making a line with a point in the middle. Thoughts? Thank you. Alayne

  18. Retired Tom Avatar

    Great videos and your clear voice. It goes a little fast but I plan on repeating the videos as needed anyway.
    Question, can objects we design be transferred to a CNC router from this program?

  19. Natalia Flaherty Avatar

    thank you very much for the great instructions

  20. Rell Coop Avatar

    Hey I'm learning to use Inkscape and your tutorials are a big help. I have a few files that were created for me in adobe illustrator that I am trying to edit myself instead of paying them to make changes. But I can't seem to edit them myself I've tried to ungroup the entire thing but it's not working, can you help???

  21. C.t. Avatar

    I'm having problems finding the part with the text. I also have downloaded a newer version so not sure if that should matter

  22. RC Geraghty Avatar

    Awesome tutorial. Between 8:40 and 9:35, I see where you press Alt to move all vertrices. That is an invaluable information which I need for animation. Thank you very much.

  23. Charlie B Avatar

    Great videos! Can you tell me how to get an Alt key for node sculpting on a Macbook pro with OSX 10.11.4?

  24. PaoloRoberto Metri Avatar

    You are a very proficient and nice teacher! Thanks a lot for your tutorials!

  25. Christopher Miller Avatar

    Derek. I've watch many of your videos on various topics. you've got the best computer software and coding tutorials around. Thank you for making them.

  26. Rita Geraghty Avatar

    What screencasting software are you using?

  27. ninaspinner Avatar

    This is good brain fun for this old person. Had to break off at "Construct Grid" warp to alter four sewing patterns and create two. I've had to poke around a bit because of difference in versions (i.e. previous tut RE: text warp) but these tutorials are exactly what I need for my time limitations. I thank-you so much for your time and effort in sharing your knowledge. p.s. coming to end of 79 yrs old & able to pick this up at a fairly fast pace. So, yes, you ARE a very good instructor.

  28. Manohar Reddy Avatar

    node sculpting is not working. instead, it moves the entire object [inkscape 0.91]

  29. Adam Jensen Avatar

    How is it that the Bezier tool is better than the Pen tool in Illustrator? This thing is way easier to handle and more flexible than I remember Illustrator's being.

  30. Sheva Wittler Avatar

    ill start by saying that i love your videos, theyr so clear and to the point. and now a bit off topic; what program/ software do you use to video your computer screen in order to make this tutorial? i often wonder how people do this. i used t think they were holding a video camera by the screen unti i realised this couldnt be the case. please tell me what you use. thanks.

  31. Third Dimension Jewellery Avatar

    I have watched your Inkscape videos before and find myself coming back to them again as I resume using the programme. This particular tutorial (#4) I found to be very useful and informative. Thanks.

  32. Shawn Veltheim Avatar

    Thank you, these videos are great!

  33. Bobby Nolde Avatar

    Which one is the copy and paste?

  34. Carsten Walther Avatar

    All of your videos are great. You did a great job. Congratulations and thank you very much!
    It helped me a lot to get into Inkscape.

  35. bkeati7 Avatar

    Fantastic Tutorials. I think your style covers the ground perfectly and no sluggish points. You  give us a quick overview that helps us to grasp what the program designer had in mind. Excellent work Derek.

  36. SheepVlog Avatar

    Thank you so much for this video! It helped me a lot 🙂

  37. WinterHawk Avatar

    Hi Derek,
    I'm a first time user of Inkscape. I'm wondering if it can be used as a desktop publisher also. I watched all your videos and there wasn't much on text. Also I want to import an object/picture, adjust it then put text over it. Also I want to bend the title words into a half circle in front of the picture. Is all that possible in Inkscape?

  38. ramironew Avatar

    Wich is the difference between combine and group?

  39. Mostafa Essuri Avatar

    Hi ;
    It is a great . WHAT IS OPTION KEY?!!

  40. Keith Winget Avatar

    Nice tutorial!!

    btw, Von Koch is pronounced   von-COKE
    The fractal it is loosely based on is known as the "Koch Curve" or the "Koch Snowflake".
    Niels Fabian Helge von Koch is the full name of the Swedish mathematician who developed the fractal.

  41. jose aguilar Avatar

    At the 8:40 mark you talk about node sculpting. I am able to select all of the nodes and edit each one individually, but it doesn't allow me to edit the text as a whole. I'm on a Mac btw.

  42. Eva Troka Avatar

    Hi Derek i love your tutorials , but i just can't select all nodes on the text no matter what i do .
    I click on convert selected object to path , i click the letter it shows nodes , i draw imaginary box around all of the letters and nothing 🙂 the nodes just move to the next letter .
    But another great tutorial i very appreciate your time 🙂

  43. J. M. A. Avatar

    Share as reolvi a problem with Inkscape. When creating a Bezier curve with the tool and when exported to g-code I came out lines. We solved it like this tutorial teaches. 1) I think the curve with bazier, 2) therefore selected the Node-tools, 3) therefore selected the curve tool and add more nodes between nodes is more better. 4) Lastly generated the G-code.

    Thanks for the tutorial

  44. Tygo A Avatar

    your tutorials are always very helpful and interesting thanks for making them!

  45. Anne Davies Avatar

    Wow, a lot of info to digest & I will have to go over & over again. Another great tut Derek. Btw, what lovely & manly voice you have. You should be doing radio shows with a voice like yours. Thank you ever so much.

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