Inkscape Video Tutorial 7

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In this part of my Inkscape tutorial I will finish up covering the Inkscape Filter Editor. If you missed the previous part of this tutorial watch it first because I cover how to fix a common Filter Editor bug.

I cover how to use the Inkscape Displacement Map, Image, Morphology, and Convolve Matrix parts of the Filter Editor. We will create neon signs, ripple water, sharpen, emboss and more.






10 responses to “Inkscape Video Tutorial 7”

  1. cc Avatar

    Hi Derek, TY again… some Qs • I found HOW to manually resize/rotate patterns, but is there a way to ‘Rotate’ & ‘Resize’ a pattern incrementally, e.g. a specific numeral or percentage amount? • Can we edit a built pattern? Meaning can we go in the pattern & alter the color, or tweak the shape once the pattern is created? • Can our custom Patterns be saved for use in other files? • Lastly, though important, would you know, how to turn off the ‘Bounding Box’ & use EDGES for everything, all the time, as can be done with Rectangle & 3D Box? In Preferences, by adding a √ to: “Conversion to guides uses Edges instead of Bounding Box”? Or, I believe, also called ‘selection cue’, from what I’ve seen…. Thank you!!

  2. Mike Allen Avatar

    Great tutorials Derek. I learnt a lot and it has encouraged me to produce much more.

  3. chandu parameswaran Avatar

    Derek…you are awesome….thank you, for the amazing tutorials…..!!!

  4. Deborah C Avatar

    my film grain doesn't show up on my photo despite following the tutorial. any pointers as to what i may have missed?

  5. Shakaama Avatar

    You know if you keep this up, I'll be able to hire myself out and have clients. Shame on you for actually doing your duty to helping the American economy.

    [sarcastic compliment complete]

    Thank You

  6. Robert Shorland Avatar

    Derek, these are great videos and are really helpful to new users of Inkscape.

    Please stop zooming right in though as it is a bit disorientating 🙂  Leave it at full screen as its shot in HD anyway.

    Great stuff,  Many thanks

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