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Welcome to my Inkscape Video Tutorial! Inkscape is an amazing program that is almost as good as Adobe Illustrator, but it is FREE!

Because I’m going to be drawing interfaces and making games very soon I thought it would be very important to show how to create those designs. Inkscape is the perfect tool for drawing them.

In this tutorial I cover what all of the buttons do and I teach you how I remember all of the shortcut key codes. Many more videos are coming until I have covered everything.






48 responses to “Inkscape Video Tutorial”

  1. A Happy Nihilist Avatar


  2. shnagglez Avatar

    This video gives a good basic understanding of Inkscape. Thank you!

  3. Aykut Yildiz Avatar

    one of the best tutorials I have ever seen. thanks a lot 🙂

  4. BigBlack Avatar

    You're the man!

  5. Thomas George Avatar

    Awesome! As of yesterday i didnt know what a vector or svg actually was. which is kind of ridiculous considering i have been using a vinyl cutting machine for a month or so now. After exhausting the included software i began to look elsewhere for software to make increasingly more custom designs. I stumbled onto inkscape and then your video. Great intro! i feel confident now after the just over 20 min video that i can make all the stuff i was previously and more! Great vid! Keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time to enlighten me.

  6. Mohammada Aprilianto Avatar

    thank you so much my friend

  7. Th'kaal Avatar

    Sadly, it's changed so nothing is where you show it to be.

  8. Th3b33 Gamer Avatar

    Yes Bezier (Be-ze-a) Was Pronounced CORRECTLY for once 🙂

  9. Shawon Ahmed Bidyut Avatar

    You have told "option key" in your video. But when I looked at my asus keyboard, i could not get it. And then I searched in google and saw that in MAC, the ALT key supplies as option key… Can you tell me how can I get option key in asus keyboard?

  10. Shawon Ahmed Bidyut Avatar

    I have seen your 4 tutorials. I have learnt a lot. but I have a problem. can you help me make a "Vector Interlocking Rings" in inkskape? I can not use "snap to path" to make any 3D object like a coin after using "bezier curves". However my problem will be solved if you make a video on that I have mentioned first. thanks please make a tutorial.

  11. Bao Nguyen Avatar

    I remember why I prefer watching your tutorials over other videos now. Good work!

  12. Mathista Ninerone Avatar

    Loads of info in there but i like how you dont spend tons of time in one feature and also include all the shortcuts right away! Very nicely done, thank you 🙂

  13. Scadster Avatar

    Neat video. This is Aug 2017 and I think I'll download INSCAPE and use OPENCLIPART to use for creating art for my books and for T-shirt designs, etc. Aren't these are free programs?

  14. André Ranulfo Avatar

    My Ikescape doesn't have those shortcuts. Instead, it is f1, f2, f3… How do I change it to this easy to remmember shortcuts.

  15. André Ranulfo Avatar

    I was sick and tired of Corel. After 24 years, I finally retired Corel!

  16. J0shist Avatar

    XY diagrams are 2d

  17. Lisa Wright Avatar

    Wow, thank you! I am used to using Illustrator, and this tutorial has me up and running with Inkscape. Can't wait to watch the others!

  18. Ayush Garg Avatar

    Ctrl Z not Ctrl ZEEEEE

  19. Viviane B Avatar

    You are a great teacher! Thank you for these videos! It's awesome!

  20. CaddyWhumpusGamer Avatar

    Awesome Video. I am looking into getting into some basic art on the computer and just found this program today. Your tutorial is simple and lets me know that the program is easy to use. Liked and subcribed


    i dont know why my inkscape does not have a document properties

  22. TayTay Avatar

    Great stuff, very quickly paced through. Thanks.

  23. Ramon Sal Avatar

    Thanks for the mnemonics to remember the tool shortcuts.

  24. Notgiving Myname Avatar

    or trigger virus detector

  25. Notgiving Myname Avatar

    Does Inkscape have any viruses?

  26. Dave Marihugh Avatar

    Very informative. Great tone and enthusiasm. I will be watching all of the tutorials. Thanks!!!

  27. temeigh Avatar

    uh why does my InkScape look different from youes

  28. Mr Awesome Avatar

    one question: how do you draw a line?

  29. Offended Spongebob Avatar

    well now its on the windows store

  30. PreservetheWord Avatar

    Soooooooooooo helpful! Thank you! Great Video – very well done and easy to follow along – even for a complete beginner like myself looking to create some patterns for my laser cutter that is on it's way!

  31. Andrew Kovnat Avatar

    If anyone doesn't have the wrench icon, this may be of help to you.
    You'll see a double arrow icon where it should be. This is because the window resolution couldn't fit all the icons.
    You might be able to see the rest of the icons if you press F11 to go into fullscreen.

  32. Eric Arrington Avatar

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for your videos!

  33. Spectra Blaze Avatar

    Nothing I do works, I cant select draw or do anything

  34. Lighted Edge Acrylic Signs Avatar

    Awesome tutorial and tutorial guide!

  35. Dreamerm6 Avatar

    Great software, great video ! Thanks!

  36. rupert93r Avatar

    "Number sign"? It's called the fucking pound sign, jesus dude…good video though, thanks 😀

  37. Siyuan Yan Avatar

    Very useful tutorial, thank you so much for creating these contents!

  38. Red Latex Avatar

    What is the point watching any of these videos when none of these tools on the side of landscape do not work, you choose a tool drag it to screen then try and draw which it dose as soon as you click the mouse again the drawing disappears.

  39. Red Latex Avatar

    I downloaded Inscape in Ubuntu operating system, I clicked on the tool for making squares that dose not work, soon as you click on the screen the square disappears.

    I never found a cad or simple sketch program that works properly.

    Dose not matter what I do I can not get this stupid program to draw a square, every time you choose a tool then try and write on the screen it disappears.

    What is wrong with this stupid program, dose not let you draw on the screen, soon has you draw a line then click the screen so it stays there it just disappears.

    Dose anything work on this inskape.

  40. Severin Mundl Avatar

    awsome explanation! thanks!

  41. sdibie Avatar

    This was an excellent video, well put. Thanks much!

  42. Sycamore The Wolf Avatar

    Me: W-W-W-What?! Too good to be true man.

  43. willashland Avatar

    you are a legend sir

  44. Lady Asphodel Avatar

    This is a very good video and a tutorial video no less. Incredible I really enjoyed watching this!

  45. Caspar de Jonge Avatar

    My very first touch of graphics on computer and I'm already hooked. I was asked to do a logo for my work. I have done design school in the 80's and know how to design but this will help me out!

  46. Marc Roelofs Avatar

    This is great. The video has the perfect (fast) pace for me.

  47. Lana DiIuro Avatar

    Very helpful but, but at the start of your video you got rid of the default page, on my computer I don't have the little icon to do that. Is there another button that does the same thing? (I have windows btw)

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