Inside Gameplay 2

In this Inside Live Scream I continue making it through this awesome puzzle game. Thankfully a bunch of you guys showed up and helped me through some problems. This has been a blast and I love interacting with everyone. It is like solving a puzzle with our hive minds.

The next live stream will be tomorrow at 7PM EST. The current schedule for live streams is Monday at 8PM and then 7PM EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. As long as you guys show up I’ll keep making these. Thanks again 🙂






13 responses to “Inside Gameplay 2”


    yoo woo man I appreciate the way you teach ……I wann you to do some videos with a little detail on Visual basic .software engineering and Software systems. ..I will glad if I hear from you thanks

  2. Excellent Cars Avatar

    nice video though i was not the one who wrote the initial comment

  3. all rounder Avatar

    hello,are you happy to tell your playstation id?

  4. Sandy Avatar

    what functional programming do you prefer ( i was gonna say know then i thought the better of it 🙂 )

  5. Marius Razvan Avatar

    Hi mate. I just wanted to say thank you for all your videos. They helped me pass exams and even get a job as a PHP developer. I will definitely be checking more of them in the next few months – especially the Java and Android App tutorials. I will be needing those for my dissertation. The fact that you'r'e mixing things up on your Youtube channel is an excellent idea, I got a nasty cold so can't do much coding but I definitely enjoy your gaming videos. 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work and looking forward to your next gameplay of Inside, I set the reminder so I won't miss it.

  6. Ilya Zhidkov Avatar

    If you already do C# lessons it would be great if you cover ASP.NET and UWP (XAML) in the future.

  7. Shanene Larissa Avatar

    that moment when you overestimate the game but feel dumb instead of disappointed

  8. Bernard Rouhi Avatar

    Derek you are frustrating, I mean really frustrating!! you forgot your mission so many times!! you need to focus man. -_-

  9. Wasimul Akram Avatar

    Lol I forgot those 3 people from the cage too. may be most of the people did that mistake. btw you stopped just before the coolest part of this game.

  10. Benjamin Bridges Avatar

    I like that you stepped out of your usual style of videos, great content!

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