Inside Gameplay 3

The puzzles are getting harder in this Inside Live Scream. I die at least 20 times this time. In this game play I spend some quality time with the troll doll, learn a new super power and visit the upside down.

The next Live Scream will be on Monday at 8PM EST. I do Live Streams Monday at 8PM and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7PM EST.

Thank you for everyone that joined me live and helped me to solve the puzzles! You guys are awesome!






10 responses to “Inside Gameplay 3”

  1. bala google Avatar

    Hey Derek I was a big fan of you inspired to learn programming from your video tutorials, how come you can manage to learn all these programming languages what is the technique I'm interested to know about that?? Can you share….

  2. YuanZheng Gay Avatar

    hahahaha Inside turtorial

  3. Shakaama Avatar

    i had the same reaction when you said "i have to see what happens" lol

  4. Mona Mendel Avatar

    Hey Derek, I very much appreciate your content, may it be tutorials, cooking, gameplay, or anything else. In fact, the wild mixture is great and different.
    My wish would be a tutorial on machine learning, preferably using Python. I saw someone requesting this on an earlier video and since you said you do whatever gets a lot of requests, I wanted to endorse it 😉

  5. Arvin Alipio Avatar

    Hi there! I'm just wondering when are you going to upload the updated JavaScript "Learn in one video" tutorial? I really hope you'll make one for it. 🙂

  6. Sandy Avatar

    i get so addicted to playing that I had sell me PS3 – Now I can watch your vides as if I am playing them and one hour keep it just about right

  7. Bernard Rouhi Avatar

    omg… the bar is blocking the air so you don't blow away!! I THOUGHT YOU LIKE PUZZLE GAME DEREK!!!

  8. Sandy Avatar

    M. Night Shyamalan is from my state in Kerala (India) 🙂

  9. Clara E Avatar

    16 mins ish if you want to rematch and look at the bar/fence thing

  10. Clara E Avatar

    you couldn't go over the bridge because there wasn't a bar to keep the door from blowing toward you and therefore pushing you off the bridge

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