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Welcome to my tutorial on how to Install Android Development Tools. I received many requests on how to do this and it is a great topic to cover right before I start my Android Development Tutorial.

I’ll cover how to install Googles ADT plugin, all of the common errors people get and take you through running your first app. Many important things need to be pointed out like the fact that Googles emulators are terribly slow. If you haven’t installed Eclipse yet, definitely checkout my tutorial here:






31 responses to “Install Android Development Tools”

  1. maruata jongte Avatar

    should is follow this in 2017

  2. Thameeza Naaz Avatar

    i dont know how to create an app?plz say which language we should know to create that app

  3. Eddie Adelakun Avatar

    How to Add Appcompat Support Library to Your Android Project in Eclipse is giving me all types of grief. Every where on the internet says import Support library which in my case sits in "C:Users*android-sdksextrasandroidm2repositorycomandroidsupportappcompat-v7", there are couple of folders in there ranging from 18.0.0 to 25.1.0. The problem is that when u try and import any of the folders in eclipse it does not enable the finish button so u cannot import the files. I tried to use the Build PAth configuration and add one of the Jar files in any folder to your current project it does not show the classes there within the Jar file. I have spent all day on this and not results might have to go and start using app inventer to learn this stuff as there seem to be less hassle there.

  4. Youssef Samwel Avatar

    where is the link?

  5. tzahi nakash Avatar

    Hello Derek,
    when I write the location I get message that there is a duplicate location what i need to do?

  6. Mateus Mento Avatar

    Does Eclipse Java Neon works for that tutorial?

  7. ADvancED PC Avatar

    For some reason when i try to download the android develoement tools i dont see the NDK plugin file.

  8. Sachin Kangotra Avatar

    what level of java should i know to start my development

  9. Kiko Maya Avatar

    Hello, +Derek Banas thank you for your efforts,

    In my app I would like to use google maps, so I installed the google play services from the sdk manager, but when I imported the "" and other classes from "", it says that the import can't be resolved !

    I uselessly looked almost everywhere,

    I really need your help, waiting for the reply

    Best Regards, Maya

  10. KatyPeezy Avatar

    this tutorial doesnt work with new versions… what version of eclipse indigo should i get… oh wait I didnt even have a choice did I

  11. John Youi Avatar

    eclipse sucks, could you switch to android studio?

  12. SevenOnes Avatar

    Does it work for Eclipse Mars? I have it already installed.
    btw thanks a lot for these videos 🙂

  13. Grant Gubatan Avatar

    is android studio better than using eclipse. I find android studio very slow and frustrating

  14. Zia Khan Avatar

    Amazing videos , i have to develop a web browser in android for my FYP. Please provide me some links or source from where i can take help , Please help me Respected Sir …

  15. le grench Avatar

    these are good tutorials really.i like them

  16. Adam LeBlanc Avatar

    You should do an updated playlist for everything up to Android 6.0. Since the workflow has changed quite a bit since 2013 😛

  17. MFC2521 Avatar

    Hey Derek, You have help me a lot in your other videos! But right now im facing a problem where after i go to Install New Software and add the google link i only get one of the two things to check mark do you know what is wrong?

  18. mirza husovic Avatar

    Hi, Darek. what is difference between eclipse indigo and eclipse mars?

  19. PoisonousPhantom Avatar

    hi derek by accident i didnt see your new vids does that mwan i have to start again orcan i keep watching on this one

  20. sahil garg Avatar

    My emulator not getting up… just keep showing android string with some flash

  21. Jacob Maldonado Avatar

    easy with the zooming in

  22. Shalabh Ranjan Avatar

    Hey Derek, how to solve that after installation of eclipse and message is  shown that  is "Failed to load the JNI shared library."
     how to do solve?

  23. Puppy Avatar

    out of curiosity, is there a reason you prefer eclipse over the android studio? is it due to flexibility? or just a user friendly layout? etc etc….

  24. Fabio Isabettini Avatar

    Hi Derek, I followed your instructions step-by-step but just after the ADT installation and Eclipse restarted (Mars, with Java 1.8.45, windows 7) I have started to get this error "could not find folder 'tools' inside sdk" . No error during the ADT installation and both the two icons ADT Manager and Emulator are present on the Eclipse toolbar. Any suggestions. Thanks. Fabio

  25. ekimsr123 Avatar

    Thank you Derek for uploading series of videos, I'm looking at the playlist for android development tools, your data structure/java tutorials has helped a ton. Im now trying to develop in Android and are we able to use Android Studio with this tutorial?

  26. TheRockKid5 Avatar

    Whenever i try and install the plugin i get this error

    An error occurred during the org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.CheckTrust phase.
    session context was:(, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.CheckTrust, operand=, action=).
    Error reading signed content.
    error in opening zip file

  27. Mohak Garg Avatar

    It is asking for SDK location in android preferences ….please help

  28. Shaker Uknow Avatar

    Dude, do you know that you are saving my life? You are saving me a LARGE amount of time. Thank you!

  29. sapbil Avatar

    Great job, perfect.

  30. Ram Kumar Avatar

    This may not be related to this video but pls pardon me.
    I'm desperately in need of your help.
    I am right now learning android programming and I have an assignment due for tomorrow.

    The scenario is this..
    I have created three XML files each one of them is a fragment.
    One of them will be fragment_main.xml(home page of my app).
    The other two fragments should have links on the menu so that these fragments can be viewed after clicking the respective link from the menu bar.

    I have tried so many things but couldn't figure it out.

    Can you please help me?

  31. Farhan Dulip Avatar

    It's my pleasure hv great tutorials like this .But i need to knw wether can we start developing android apps using netbeans instead of using Eclips?.And If we could work with netbeans then hw about the codings? are they different in netbeans?.

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