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I’ve been asked to show you how to Install Eclipse for Java a few times lately. So in this video I’ll show you how to install Eclipse step-by-step.

Not only will I show you how to install eclipse, but I’ll also cover how to install Java, set up code completion and install java libraries.






40 responses to “Install Eclipse for Java”

  1. Ahmed Abdelrahman Avatar

    there is no kit 7 so I installed kit 8 and none of this works on it, what shall I do?

  2. Ruby Neon Avatar

    So, Eclipse now has Oxygen, can someone summarize what has changed between indigo and oxygen versions?

  3. Samer Alkhateeb Avatar

    well now there is kit 8, is it better to use it?

  4. ADDTech channel Avatar

    Hi Derek, it is good tutorial, shares knowledge better way. Nice

  5. elnino rosario Avatar

    last step for running is showing the error that selection does not contain main

  6. Xiomara Lanuza Avatar

    This file is designed for a PC using Windows software. This is not compatible with your device which runs Chrome OS. Please search the Chrome Web Store for a suitable replacement app. — Soooo, before I google, any suggestions??

  7. LouisNavor Avatar

    Indigo does not support 1.8

  8. ANDREA MUSSA Avatar

    this will cover for my test xD… thank u though

  9. Pengull Avatar

    If anyone out there is still getting the "Implicit super constructor object() is undefined…" error, just do this:
    Right click on your project and select Build Path -> Configure Build Path
    Go to Libraries tab click "Add Library".
    Select JRE System Library click "Next"
    Then select JRE from options as per your requirement. Then click "Finish"

  10. Shawn Myrelle Avatar

    I have a platform for HTML called Brackets. Will Brackets work with eclipse and enable me to code Java?

  11. Antonio Avatar

    Just tried this tutorial and I was able to print Hello World. So it's still valid! Thanks.

  12. Walid Sarkis Avatar

    Life Savior ! Thanks !

  13. Abdumumin khan Avatar

    when i try to launch eclipse it displays a message saying that java started but returned exit code 13

  14. Freaky MrBurns Avatar

    thats means nice in Dutch

  15. Bob Avatar

    every time I try to run a program I get these errors:

    1. The project cannot be built until build path errors are resolved

    2. Unbound classpath container: 'JRE System Library [OSGi/Minimum-1.2]' in project 'LearningJava'

    Does anyone know what I'm suppossed to do? I just started learning Java so I don't know much ;-;

  16. Rahul Morrison Avatar

    doesnt have the option of 1.8 in the compiler compliance level- does someone know why?

  17. Liam williams Avatar

    OMG i said it once i will say it again; you are a lifesaver

  18. Dang Breh Avatar

    To download Java SE go here for those who think the links have changed:

  19. R1S8K Avatar

    I get text red underline errors and error compiling the code. It says "Error: Could not find or load main class sample"

  20. AzironSoviet Avatar

    It says for me that a build path entry missing, this part of the video is 5:37

  21. Jawar5 Avatar

    I installed eclipse neon, is that ok for these tutorials?

  22. Harsh Khajuria Avatar

    What about MacOS ? Did you make a video for that? I couldn't find it anywhere

  23. Mazaly Edwin Avatar

    wow its nice thank!!!!!!!

  24. grubbylyra Avatar

    I got on kit 7  and nothing appears on what you have Can someone help me

  25. Pratik Tarway Avatar

    is it necessary to install java library in eclipse

  26. jason grant Avatar

    A bit outdated, but still with common sense. You find to same material to work on. This video was so helpful.

  27. Lesny Jebok Avatar

    I get a Exclamation sign near my Java sample and i cant do anything about it , i think theres something with libraries
    any help appreciated !:D
    I think its worth to mention that nothing ops out on my console when I write .
    Any alternative way to install or fix for my situation ? ;d

  28. J Simmons Avatar

    I've listened to a lot of videos, but Derek's are the best. He explains well, has a quick cadence, easy to understand, and doesn't ramble on.

  29. DARPAN ANEJA Avatar

    Hi and Thanks from INDIA!!!!

  30. element74 Avatar

    java is not recognized as a command in cmd. So when i typed "java -version" it gave me that error.

  31. Jawar5 Avatar

    I dont know what to do. when i downloaded it, the wizard didnt instantly pop up like you. instead i got a ZIP file. so i extracted it and…. now im completely lost

  32. AwesomeAartvark Avatar

    Yay, that worked, even with the newer versions I downloaded! Thank you, that was very simple and helpful! And thank you for zooming in on what you're about to click on, that really helped!

  33. Manh Ngo Avatar

    Thank you Derek. I figured it out, JRE in wrong path

  34. Manh Ngo Avatar

    Hi Derek, I did exact the same as you did in video, and every time I create new project it get a Red ! exclamation mark, compile errors build path

  35. Kazi Shadman Avatar

    When I try to run "System.out.println("Hello world")" "out" does not italicize and doesn't change its color to blue. On the "problems" tab it says "The project cannot be built until the build path errors are resolved" and says " Unbound classpath container: 'JRE System Library [OSGI/Minimum-1.2]' in project 'sample java' and there is a red exclamation mark next to the "sample java" folder.

  36. Jenny Anthony Avatar

    Thank you so much for this! Will I need to do the language library step each time I want to work with a new project?

  37. Kam Fri Avatar

    Need help.
    Whenever I run any code, it gives me an error saying it can't run.
    Also, in eclipse, there is an exclamation point next to the folder.

    So what's wrong? I did the instructions step by step but I still don't know.

  38. Ori Daniels Avatar

    idk why but near my "javasample" the you opened first i have that "!" mark in red
    and i cant see like you in the console the it says hello world
    can you help me?

  39. CerialKiller Avatar

    I've been on this for hours. Finally a video that explains in detail HOW can i setup and start to learn java. THANK YOU.

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