Installing Rails on Linux in Less than 5 Minutes!

In this brief video tutorial, we cover a proper installation on Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu or Linux Mint OS. By the end of this Ruby on Rails installation video tutorial, you should have a working Ruby on Rails development environment on your Linux Machine all ready for you to begin development of Ruby on Rails web applications.

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7 responses to “Installing Rails on Linux in Less than 5 Minutes!”

  1. Mateusz Pestka Avatar

    Finally something simple enough to let me install it. Thank you a lot, liked and subbed!

  2. TRCcaveman Avatar

    Linux mint – V 18 sarah
    fully installed. thank you for the tutorial. +1

  3. Sons of Eden Avatar

    worked like a charm! Thank you

  4. Mardii D King Avatar

    Dude your so awesome!!!

  5. Adam Małysz Avatar

    next time please use terminal in window no in a full screen .


    Thanks for the guidance,got the installation right and gonna dive into ruby on rails.

  7. steve hichae Avatar

    Hey, thanks a lot.
    I've followed your instruction and I've successfully installed them on my ubuntu, chromebook.
    Btw, the screen was so small I had a hard time to read with my old eyes.

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