Installing Rails on Windows The Correct Way!

Rather than walking you through the painful, and buggy standard Rails installation on Windows – this video discusses an alternative which requires no costs, and comes with much less bugs. This method of installing Ruby on Rails on a Windows machine is preferred by top Rails experts.

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4 responses to “Installing Rails on Windows The Correct Way!”

  1. Cel sun Avatar

    It was a very good video, my problem with Ruby on Rails on a windows 10 os, is that when I install it rails installer and setup my name, emails, and passwords, if I wasn't to know the version install by using -v, it will say this system cannot find the path specified. And the localhost:3000 will not work….

  2. Michael Murock Avatar

    Does this still work in 2017?

  3. Thomas Williams Avatar

    Thank you very much!

  4. DevFactor Avatar

    I tried to talk slower on this episode of DevCasts. Was it too slow? Too fast? Just right?

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