Intermediate Java Tutorial – 4 – Introduction to Collections

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20 responses to “Intermediate Java Tutorial – 4 – Introduction to Collections”

  1. Abhenav Rathore Avatar

    your java tutorials are awesome dude ….

  2. TNTSquid Avatar

    Why not
    List<String> list = Arrays.asList(things);

  3. Srijan Poudel Avatar

    A help for you guys.
    If you got an error on List<Strin……. line that's because ur ide imported java.awt.List; instead of java.util.List; . Ur ide imported because u didn't and it gave an option which you selected to execute.

  4. hasanul islam Avatar

    one of the best tutorial i have ever heard…!!! love the way u make the things so simple. Thanks bro.

  5. Swedish coder Avatar

    literally the best series for learning java anywhere on the internet, thank you thenewboston.

  6. tushar bansal Avatar

    That like to dislike ratio.

  7. Eh. I'm ugly m8 Avatar

    im pretty sure you were hungry while doing this vid.

  8. Ravikant Gupta Avatar

    recursion was confusing can u plz help me in dat

  9. DarkLevis Avatar

    If anyone didn't know yet, you can write System.out.println() just as "sysout" and then ctrl + space. (google control assist for more info, saves time)

  10. Subind Suresh Avatar

    Hi there !!! Are you scrolling through comment section for egg related comments, just like me. Welcome onboard, yes you wont be disappointed we have a few. And as always awesome tutorial thanks Bucky.

  11. Pa šutiraj deeečkooo!!! Avatar

    to save yourself from typing for loops for adding array elements to lists, you could just do:
    ArrayList<String> list1 = new ArrayList<>(Arrays.asList(things));

  12. Scott Horn Avatar

    is list.size() similar to list.length() ??

  13. Stars channel Avatar

    I'm from Egypt and i'm one of follower of this Tutorial because i had studied java in my faculty of engineering Zagazig i hope to contact one of you to connect the culutures and this my account on facebook anyone who wants to learn Arabic i can help them

  14. Sohel Ravankole Avatar

    Can you plz create and upload Advanced java tutorials PLZ

  15. Supachai Abusali Avatar

    can u make a video on java interface

  16. HebboFan Avatar

    Can't you add anything in an ArrayList/LinkedList anyway ? It doesn't have to be only Strings or ints, etc.

    List l = new LinkedList();
    l.add("toto ! !");

    for(int i = 0; i < l.size(); i++)
    System.out.println("Element at " + i + " = " + l.get(i));

    System.out.println("n t Now same thing but with an Iterator");

    ListIterator li = l.listIterator();


  17. chase buttons Avatar

    man Cadillacs are getting pretty dam ugly.

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