Intermediate Java Tutorial – 40 – Setting Up the Server

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24 responses to “Intermediate Java Tutorial – 40 – Setting Up the Server”

  1. Mahgoub Abbas Avatar

    Do i need my own server to do this??

  2. mas gru Avatar

    pls stop saying error xD. Exception and error are two different things (types) :P.

  3. Patrascu Lucian Avatar

    you never explained finally

  4. Developer's Coffee Avatar

    "I hate try-catch"… Drinks on me everyone! xD

  5. soodeh nilforoushan Avatar

    how can 100 people connected to 1 port(6789)?

  6. Fedora Edits Avatar

    "We need to create a cr- try catch statement, or cry once we get some errors" XD

  7. Tom Yang Avatar

    for the while loop, once it reaches finally will it just end , or will it start from the beginning again ?

  8. Jean Zambrano Avatar

    This is very helpful. I love the way you explain things. I watch your videos at 2X the speed and still sounds and looks great. Props!

  9. Heydər Rzayev Avatar

    Oh, Bucky 🙂 Just a great sense of humour: "You know this program is gonna be so popular, probably even more popular than Photoshop, because i'm creating it!". Funny ))

  10. username Avatar

    in the future you should explain stuff like what a server is and what ports are in a different video so people watching your videos can go there if they need an explanation. that way you can focus on the code.


    You should first explain the Server-Client model before even openning your editor.

  12. jafar ali Avatar

    where can i find the source code.

  13. George Thomas Avatar

    Nested try/catch statements… urgh

  14. Piyush Raghatate Avatar

    Is this a multi-threaded program??

  15. Alexis Coulombe Avatar

    awesome as always 🙂 !

  16. attyfarbuckle Avatar

    3.57 think you've confused yourself with Paul Deitel.

  17. Sterling H Avatar

    Will someone please tell me what "throws" means?

  18. Logan Small Avatar

    Nests clutter code :/

  19. Silvr Swrd Avatar

    Lol "Oh yeah, follow me on twitter."

  20. Troy Dash Avatar

    I intend to watch all of your tutorials on JAVA

  21. Akibachan1 Avatar

    What if you have two applications with the same port number?

  22. David Morgan Avatar

    He is using Eclipse.

  23. Arturo Girona Avatar

    That's a good one! LOL!

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