Introduction to Geometry – 61 – Surface Area of a Pyramid

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7 responses to “Introduction to Geometry – 61 – Surface Area of a Pyramid”

  1. zetarobot Avatar

    @Zabakiller wow u didnt dislike the video, am surprised.

  2. Ivan Felbabic Avatar

    @Techy141 cool, but i presume you know basic geomety stuff… like almost all of buckys subscribers. My point was: no need for this kind of math tutorials

  3. Jon Egeland Avatar

    @Zabakiller I agree. But I'm 15 and programming.

  4. Garl Margs Avatar

    And I'm sure is mother is too!

  5. Ivan Felbabic Avatar

    LOL bucky.. figure your audience is 10-15 yrs old or what? We all subscribed to you couse of programming in the first place, that means we are 18+ i guess that's when you start with programming in schools.
    Adjust other tutorials acording to our expected age… derivations, integrals, odds, statistics, algoritms…

  6. Chew PiratePeek Avatar

    @hihaatje me too 😀

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