Introduction to Java Programming – Learn Java #1

Learn Java is a comprehensive tutorial series for learning core programming theory and concepts, and than applying them using the Java programming language. This tutorial series is aimed at the beginner, but should progress into intermediate and advanced tutorials albeit at a slower pace. If you are a novice programmer interested in learning fundamental coding concepts, or an intermediate coder who wishes to learn Java syntax and libraries – this tutorial series is for you!

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22 responses to “Introduction to Java Programming – Learn Java #1”

  1. Eric Weng Avatar

    What if Java keeps adding more classes just to troll you?

  2. MikMasterTV Avatar

    I originally thought my penis was big until i realized i did not know java. Thanks

  3. Shay Arsenault Avatar

    i was expecting this to be a 50 episode series, only 14 videos, thank you.

  4. Wouter Van Nueten Avatar

    I want to learn java in detail so i can make programs for myselfs and mod games like minecraft! But everytime i find something about java, it's not detailed and complete. So i'm very thankfull that i found these tutorials!

  5. Andrew Liuu Avatar

    Please continue this series. I've learnt a lot in Java basics from watching your videos.

  6. DocTheMedic3 Avatar

    Your video quality is obviously very high, but you either need to tone down the intro, or raise your mic sound.  For those of us who have the videos on autoplay either the intro blows out our ears or you're inaudible (or both).

  7. Passwordcracks Avatar

    teach a high lvl language pls

  8. FitnessRegiment Avatar

    Could you record in 1080p if possible?

  9. Wasabi137SPM Avatar

    will you cover object-oriented programming? Encapsulation, polymorphism and so on?

  10. Zino Kader Avatar

    This is exactly what me and a friend has been looking for! Figured we might just learn something over the summer. Couple of years ago I started learning HTML and CSS, eventually some Javascript and it was ALL so easily accessible, just start the course on codecademy and you're set. Didn't seem to be the same with programming languages like C and Java, but this looks super promising. Keep doing these!

  11. Undie Cover Avatar

    Im in 8th grade, and I believe this will be very beneficial because most tutorials on the Java language beat around the bush, or so to speak, never get to the point and you end up forgetting the language just as quickly as you learned it. Im highly supportive of this series and I hope that you continue it so that I professionalize in this language. Thanks dude 😉

  12. Mindfood Avatar

    i once had this 1996 microsoft keyboard, it had a coffee button top right, lil green/yellow light would glow… had a picture of a coffee cup with the heat annotations…but what was waird, next to it there was a button called java…what should that button have done?

  13. oO360FanOo | DronezZ Avatar

    Can't wait to learn some Java!

  14. bszent Avatar

    I am going to take Computer Science in college I am currently a junior in high school so this will be a great head-start for me especially since we don't have a coding class at my high school!

  15. benttoenail Avatar

    YES!!  Keep Posting!!!

  16. Shady Queens Avatar

    Hell yes. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to these things. Subbed.

  17. Average Joe Avatar

    Everyone and their uncle knows Java already.

  18. ShooterLens Aim Avatar

    Good good,very good,thank you !

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