iOS Development Tutorial – Prototype iOS Apps with Flinto

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iOS Development Tutorial – Build Interactive and Social Networking Apps with Parse

Hey everyone,

It’s Duc. Welcome to the first sample chapter from Build Interactive Social Networking Apps Course. I designed this course to help developers design, prototype, and build interactive apps with social networking apps. I also hope that from the learning experience and hands-on challenges in this course, my students will go out there developing their apps with great care for design in mind.

I do hope that this course can attract a large amount of designers and push them to try out developing their own apps from their wonderful ideas and prototypes and designs.

The course will focus on four main goals by accomplishing two fully functional apps:

— Teach you to design UI in Sketch 3. I’m not a professional designer but if you look at the project and after watching and practicing with this video, I hope that you find Sketch incredibly easy to use.

— Prototype any app ideas (with Flinto in this course). Never go straight ahead spending weeks developing your apps right away. “Fake it til you make it!”. Have a prototype.

— Implement interactive features (things like customized transitions, animation, carousel home screen, stretchy headers…). Create social networking features for your apps.

— Finally, hands-on challenges. I want you to own this course and own the two projects in this course. I will walk every step along the way with you but the only way you learn anything new and make it stick with you is to do it yourself.






12 responses to “iOS Development Tutorial – Prototype iOS Apps with Flinto”

  1. Its Paco Avatar

    i can't download the resource! help me pls!

  2. Ajay Rawal Avatar

    hello duc, thanks for your videos. I want to create apps like instagram and dubsmash. but I don't know where to start. is flinto only for prototype? if yes than what we should do after creating prototypes for apps and how? and for android apps what we should do? please guide me. can u create dubsmash in Android as well as in mac?

  3. KVP Nha Avatar

    Can we convert it to IOS app and submit it on App Store?

  4. deeeeeeeebs Avatar

    Great Tutorial! I'm not a dev but how do you develop it after u made the prototype? I want to sell it on App Store.

  5. ajay babu singineedi Avatar

    Thanks.Very nice tutorial & easy to make Prototype tool.

  6. Ka Leong Tong Avatar

    Is there a way for me to get the sample pngs you have used for the tutorial? Thanks!

  7. Fierce Grips Avatar

    question, so you can't really put one of these on the app store since its only a "prototype"? if so, how would you transition it all to code?

  8. Shiny Fox Anaconda Channel Avatar

    Right.. right heere.. Lols.. ^^" Better drink water mate..
    And thanks for the tutorial!

  9. Vũ Hoàng Tâm Avatar

    Hey Duc, I've watched your videos about Flinto and Carousel. It's quite interesting. Would you please share more? I actually subscribe my email to your website but cannot find out the others.

  10. Artem Sherbachuk Avatar

    What are the benefits to use Flinto? If this more be simple to do in storyboard with some animation library for example Spring.
    p.s. I low to know English so I can do many errors. Sorry for this.

  11. cutietho Avatar

    Hi Duc , i really like you videos

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