iOS Development with Swift Tutorial – 14 – Hide Keyboard and First Responder

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24 responses to “iOS Development with Swift Tutorial – 14 – Hide Keyboard and First Responder”

  1. Magnetic Ecoboost Avatar

    touchesBegan is not declared in the superclass?

  2. Volker Pöppelmann Avatar

    Great video! Thank you very much 🙂

  3. Christian Elam Avatar

    OMG!! THANK YOU!!!!! I have just started coding and I am building a simple app with a login screen first where you just enter you name how do you make the app remember your name so the user doesn't have to constantly re enter their name. Also I would like it to say hi so and so (their name) did you know this? On the screen each time

  4. Vina Melody Avatar

    Hi, do you have the tutorial that somehow make the keyboard not covering the textfield?

  5. Nestor Calizar Avatar

    hello! I'm currently in this tutorial and when i try to build it, i got an error which says "Thread 1: signal SIGABRT", i followed every instruction in detail. what seems to be the problem?

  6. JulianChee Avatar

    If you want the keyboard to pop up automatically whenever you press on the text field element in the simulator, go to hardware > keyboard and then uncheck "connect hardware keyboard"

  7. Pocket Man Avatar

    What if they click return/enter? How do I hide it then.

  8. Balvansh Heerekar Avatar

    Hello! How do I make this work in a Scroll View?

  9. Kris Dundurs Avatar

    This is by far the simplest method I've seen. Awesome!
    But I'm wondering, could this one cause some problems when building a potentially large scale app?

    I'm still relatively new in development, so there's a lot of things I don't know.

  10. Agustinus Putra Avatar

    thanks , it works !

  11. Evandro Baginski Avatar

    Thank you, sir!!!!!

  12. ohcrazydiamond Avatar

    Hello thenewboston,
    very nice tutorials so i decided to follow you to learn as newbie in this world.
    I have a stupid question:
    you as developer, did you memorized every single string of code or do you have a point of reference?
    Because this really scare me lol, i'm currently studying to become an iOS developer, but to remember all these strings really concern me.
    Thank you and again amazing tutorials!

  13. sai krishnan Avatar

    how to Hide a Keyboard for two different view controller

  14. Redoras Reddie Avatar

    Strange, I added all the labels and text fields but when running the simulator nothing shows up except the background image.
    I tried clicking "update frames" and then all the objects position themselves up in the left corner? Not sure why this happens…

  15. Bruno Recillas Avatar

    how do you create a secure password? He never did it :c

  16. Stainly Stewart Avatar

    I always get an error saying   Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSUnknownKeyException', reason: '[<Login.ViewController 0x7fc71056a770> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key email.'  Anyone please help

  17. Tin Avatar

    "command + k" to open the software keyboard

  18. xxBIGBIRDxx Avatar

    Please continue android tutorials

  19. xxBIGBIRDxx Avatar

    This is good but…… What about anroid?!!

  20. Tihomir RAdeff Avatar

    so…. you are done with android tutorials?

  21. Colin Ashenhurst Avatar

    Love these videos. Would love it if you continued on to the advanced stuff.

  22. Daan Panis Avatar

    What exactly is the difference between the resignFirstResponder method and the endEditing method? It looks like they do the same thing…

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