iOS Development with Swift Tutorial – 24 – Drawing Basic Shapes

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15 responses to “iOS Development with Swift Tutorial – 24 – Drawing Basic Shapes”

  1. Pascal Heimlicher Avatar

    What is the best way to draw PDFs (with text, images, links, etc.) on iOS 11 with Swift 4 from scratch? I am a little bit confused about the new PDFKit, Quartz 2D and UIKit.

  2. Marc Chelnik Avatar

    New Boston is always cool & to the point

  3. Brennen Barney Avatar

    can you make a tutorial on how to let users draw on a map. For example, they could draw on the map to set up their own search area. I have been looking for days and I can't find anything on it.

  4. Ar_wed Avatar

    In Xcode Version 8.2.1:

    The "ugly shape":
    context!.move(to: CGPoint.init(x:50, y:50))
    context!.addLine(to: CGPoint.init(x:90, y:130))

    The "Rectangle":
    let rectangle = CGRect.init(origin: CGPoint.init(x:50, y:50), size: CGSize.init(width:200, hight:400))

  5. Erin Scanlon Avatar

    The tutorials you have up here are so very helpful- you explain well and the explanation itself is not rushed at all. Thank you for posting them!

  6. zlaw777 Avatar

    How to draw a rectangle that exactly half the screen's height?

  7. Farjallah Nadia Avatar

    please i would to draw a graph from its function
    help please !

  8. Mihad Alzayat Avatar

    Can you show us how to make a circle/pie chart?

  9. Radu Cristian Avatar

    so what if you want to make multiple shapes ? you have to do them in different files ? or you can stick them one below the other ?

  10. James Gaddum Avatar

    Such great tutorials – just what you need to know and nothing you don't, cheers

  11. Manohar Reddy Avatar

    how do i draw an ellipse

  12. Sachethana Pathirage Avatar

    American Sniper was great right?

  13. eurekaelijah Avatar

    Did anyone else get just a blank screen and not have any line or shape appear on their screen when they ran the simulator?

  14. Ricky Life and Stuff Avatar

    Is there anyway I can use xcode without using a apple's device or running VB?

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