iPad Pro Apple Pencil Calligraphy Tutorial 🖌

Since getting the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil I’ve been using it for brush and “traditional” calligraphy more and more. In this video I’m going to show you a few tips on how to use the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil within the Procreate app to create your own brush calligraphy and hand lettering!

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32 responses to “iPad Pro Apple Pencil Calligraphy Tutorial 🖌”

  1. 黃健誠 Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial!
    May I ask what size of iPad Pro do you use?

  2. F Hi Avatar

    I watch your vids all the time

  3. Kerry van Niekerk Avatar

    Hey, what's the name of the brace you're wearing? Is it for cubital tunnel? Does it work? PS. Beautiful work

  4. Kalpesh Patel Avatar

    lettering is so satisfying to watch.

  5. Paco Pacios Avatar

    does the apple pencil work in any other iPad,or just in the pro?

  6. Joyce Zhang Avatar

    Hi, your video is great, thank you for you sharing, btw, where is the brush download link you mentioned in video.

  7. mathew george Avatar

    can you give me a link to your brushes. I can't seem to find them

  8. Jalal Mouris Avatar

    Thank you for this Tutorials…. where is the link to download the brushes which you talked about in your tutorial video?

  9. H2SSPROD Avatar

    tell me how i can creat this brush in adobe illustration

  10. Andrzej Wolf Avatar

    Hello, is that possible to get your brushes?

  11. Andrea Laureti Avatar

    Nice video! I want all brushes in this video.

  12. Austin Chandler Avatar

    What's the names of the song in the video?

  13. Eva Miller Avatar

    What's the glove you're wearing?

  14. mirwena Avatar

    I am confused… I cannot find brush You've mentioned in your video.

  15. Mcdiem1 Avatar

    Wow, the ad before this video was horrible! Thumbs down just for that!

  16. HappyHauser Avatar

    I can hear that you have a screen cover. Are there any types that you recommend for me to be able to glide easier on my iPad?

  17. Ted Baker Avatar

    what size is that iPad pro? and year also which configuration (128 gb?)

  18. J Avatar

    Great video Will, love seeing your calligraphy iPad stuff. Also you're getting really close to 100k subs, you've earned it man!

  19. Diego Reyes Avatar

    Hi! How are you making the app correcting traces from the pencil? Example the letter "y" second 2:23

  20. Jessica Lamont Avatar

    I love watching your calligraphy videos! You had some really great ideas. I like the glove you wear while you are doing this. Where did you hear it from?

  21. Mathieu Foote Avatar

    Hey Will, I recently purchased a Wacom tablet and I'm starting to learn calligraphy, I was wondering if i can do the same thing you're showing on the ipad pro as on photoshop or illustrator??

  22. Edmond Tan Avatar

    love every video here!

  23. Athena Rivera Avatar

    Currently saving up for that set! I do, however, have the mobile version of the procreate app and I have my own stylus – I make do with what I have. I don't like how it's laggy and doesn't do palm rejection but I think im getting the hang of it 😀

  24. Kawaii Wereld - Leer Tekenen Avatar

    it looks so pretty! really have to save up for a ipad pro, but still need a new camera.. one day !

  25. ACT™ 282 Avatar

    What is the app name?

  26. DanielJones Avatar

    Very nice, if only I could afford an iPad Pro…and the apple pencil…and procreate app xD

  27. Dancer Amelia Avatar

    This is so good I'm gonna try this

  28. Glud Avatar

    Sick dude! the sounds, when you move your hand on the matte screen protector :O <3

  29. Made by Mighty Avatar

    Looking good man! Cheers!

  30. Will Paterson Avatar

    Let me know if you enjoyed the video!

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