iPad Pro Review | Apple Pencil For Designers

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46 responses to “iPad Pro Review | Apple Pencil For Designers”

  1. elijahphoto Avatar

    Will, its great to see you making great quality content and displaying your faith! I just got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and I have loved your videos! Thank you for what you do.

  2. Eduardo Gac Avatar

    what is the case you use for your iPad Pro? link?

  3. Rezza Ghazali Avatar

    The fact that your 2-3 week of work has been shortened to less than 1 week justified everything.

    I'm gonna get one too!

  4. Zainab Bashar Avatar

    Stop at 6:00 and ge looks like he's going to sneeze

  5. Miguel Aguilo Avatar

    OMG I just gave you the 1000th like

  6. Ermal Koci Avatar

    You are really struggling to talk! I feel kinda sorry for you.

  7. Alexander Derfler Avatar

    Ummm…. am I the only one Pro-Create think about it procreate that shows how much people thing before they do

  8. that mauiwowie Avatar

    hey man how are you thank you for the video i was wondering i am trying to design logos for t shirts do you think i would be able to do that with the apple pencil and the graphic arts program ?
    which program were you using?

  9. Marko Marko Avatar

    Hi,can u tell me what app you use in video for making logo?
    Thx in advance

  10. Saliah Bryan Avatar

    Do you think it's worth the extra £300+ over a Wacom Intuos Pro?…

  11. RR26 Avatar

    Very dull on logo design.

  12. Katarina Lolhi Avatar


  13. finkdaz Avatar

    logo designer and hand letterer

  14. Loli Avatar

    Hiii can you maybe compare the ipad pro to the new cintiq pro?

  15. Loli Avatar

    Be careful, astropad is only for mac users

  16. ASwellBuddy Avatar

    You don't need to use the XP-Pen anti-fouling Lycra Glove with the iPad + Apple Pencil anymore, right?

  17. nick ringer Avatar

    Someone discovered the YouTube algorithm lol
    Jk great video!!!!!!!!

  18. Philippa Kelly Avatar

    how many GB did you buy for the ipad pro?

  19. WellDoneTurner Avatar

    How you make so smooth lines in this video?

  20. janna graham Avatar

    Love my Apple iPad pro

  21. Arlene Rattan Avatar

    Which size you suggest to get? I design couture wedding invitations.

  22. Leif Andres Avatar

    Hey Will,, new sub here.. can you tell us where you got the brushes you use for hand lettering in procreate?! Thanks!!

  23. Lee Upton Avatar

    Great Vid. Just ordered a pad and pen. You answered all my questions 🙂

  24. Shoshi Platypus Avatar

    Thanks for this – great video! I recently got the smaller iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and am doing more drawing than ever before. I love it. Yes, it's expensive but you can shop around and I got mine much cheaper on Ebay. It's really fun to use and so portable and convenient and you don't need to carry around a lot of stuff to make art.

  25. Jessica Rogers Avatar

    What app does he have in the video?

  26. Taye Nic Avatar

    this was really helpful

  27. Louis Luzuka Avatar


  28. Wilhem Almodovar Avatar

    What programs/Apps do you use to design?

  29. Charles Morales Avatar

    What app is this that your designing with?

  30. Jordynn Eld Avatar

    Hi Will, you were mentioning the app Pro Create that you use on your tablet to do hand lettering, I am creating my own typeface right now on Illustrator and the program keeps crashing no matter what device I am on, Mac or PC or my file size. This hasn't only been happening on this project, it has been a constant struggle at work & at college. I am not the only designer struggling with this. How does the tablet app handle in comparison? Does it ever crash before you can save? Thanks, Jordynn

  31. Sara Pratchett Avatar

    Great info thanks! A quedtion if I astro my imac with ipad pro can I use ligthroom to? Thanks

  32. Sara Pratchett Avatar

    Great info thanks! A quedtion if I astro my imac with ipad pro can I use ligthroom to? Thanks

  33. WhackInk Official Avatar

    After you get the iPad Pro and Apple pen, do you have to also buy the art programs as well?

  34. Y EMEL Avatar

    As usual, great video/review.
    Love the music! So artistic, so soothing!

  35. Sharath Shield Avatar

    what about i pad pro instead of designers laptop?
    will it work out for designing purposes?
    im a designer like to buy a laptop , but after watching this video, i thinking abt i pad pro.
    i am basically an artist.

  36. Astro W. Storer Avatar

    Any chance you could share some of the brush presets you made in this video? Did you make them yourself?

  37. Kira Kimura Avatar

    … i'll just wait for it to get cheap ._.

  38. Xi Prev08 Avatar

    u r such a hipster hahaha, but nice video

  39. NoobaGutt Avatar

    apple pencil is waste of money….. unless youre an artist. thats why i got it anyways.


    thanks this was very informative

  41. VRsite Avatar

    I'd go for the Surface pro 4 over this one

  42. David Douglas Avatar

    Loved you video! First time viewing your channel. I had an apple pencil but then I lost it. Have you thought of doing a give away with the apple pencil? Or making a video about how to avoid loosing an apple pencil?

  43. Alex G Avatar

    what's that thing you wear on your right hand? is that so the screen doesn't get nasty and stuff?

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