iPhone Development Tutorial – 11 – Finishing the Slider Program

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20 responses to “iPhone Development Tutorial – 11 – Finishing the Slider Program”

  1. danobot Avatar

    HAHAHA SMOOTH MOVE BUCKY! gave number for the discount, accidentally pick her up and go and see a movie with her. Did you tell her on the phone about what really

  2. jon nikki Avatar

    Why can't you just write
    SLabel.text = [[NSString alloc]initWithFormat: @"%i", value];

  3. albrtmrtz Avatar

    bucky, you are a beast!

  4. Elmir Kouliev Avatar

    IndieGogo /how-to-pick-up-girls-youtube-series

  5. Swapnil Adsure Avatar

    give me some tips for dating.. hehehehe nice tutorial thank

  6. ausaf ahmad Avatar

    how to change the position of the slider,i want to put it vertical you have shown the horizontal view,,and can you please mail me the text tutorial of the iPhone programming so that i can learn the methods and i have some dought in that,,please bukky

  7. Nick Diggity Avatar

    thanks for the tutorial on the slider. now hopefully you'll get to slide it in her. LOL

  8. Mike Ock Avatar

    You lucky, lucky, son of a bucky…
    Changing people's lives with your tutorials and picking up cuties by accident.
    You just won life without even trying.

  9. Chinmay Gadgil Avatar

    If you specify the slider Min and Max values as from 1 to 100,then why to use the type casting (int) before s.value? The slider should automatically return only numbers.

  10. paulsu27 Avatar

    Yay, you got a girlfriend!

  11. jtrujillo11908 Avatar

    Pimp Daddy Ass Bucky

  12. maaljam Avatar

    Bucky did you get the discount after all? or she just saved your number in her phone?

  13. MrAstroKind Avatar

    133-0 you da man! 🙂

  14. UNCLEBOB Avatar

    You are in a row of lucks.

  15. Gioglezz Avatar

    Bucky's Got Game!!!!

  16. MyNozeIsFroze Avatar

    dude you da man with that girl. haha such an epic story bro

  17. Juan M. Viola Avatar

    jajaja nice job with the girl… i hope you has had a nice date

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