iPhone Development Tutorial – 4 – Finally, Beginning User Interaction!

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27 responses to “iPhone Development Tutorial – 4 – Finally, Beginning User Interaction!”

  1. danobot Avatar

    you said "on the screen" so many times and i got really conscious of it at the end it was so distracting hahaha 🙂 great tutorial!

  2. Metho Overload Avatar

    Awesome tutorials!

  3. TopTenTutorials Avatar

    His real name is greg

  4. Shreyash Chaudhari Avatar

    LOLOLOLOL Turn on English automatic captions and enjoy the video from the beginning, especially the first sentence and 5:02! EPIC!

  5. areej areejm Avatar

    can i use c++ Instead of objective c

  6. Clyde McKervick Avatar

    Downloading iOS 6.0 Library is taking forever!!
    is that normal?
    last comment here was 2 fucking months ago!! lol

  7. Paulo Avatar

    Showing them some text on the screen cause thats "coooooooooooolll" but it aint that "cooooooooooooooooolll"

  8. Rithm Avatar

    'Cause you know that's coool…. but it ain't that cool." 😀

  9. Aaron Dowd Avatar

    I like what you do, bucky. Thank you.

  10. Ran14g Avatar

    Jail Broken Simulator lol

  11. Braden Mende Avatar

    longest replies

  12. tuhinbhatt1 Avatar

    i know java and c++.. Yes you will find it hard(confusing) at first.I found it confusing.. So please learn basic objective c before starting iphone dev.
    Check out objective c videos by bucky. if you need a book i recommend objective c by stephen kochan.

  13. tuhinbhatt1 Avatar

    great explaination way better than any iphone dev book

  14. TheRealCritique Avatar

    This is where the shit hits the fan

  15. Dylan Taylor Avatar

    Much more better

  16. LT21j Avatar


  17. gregslife7 Avatar

    @SolumAmantis he explaining more, better than the book.

  18. Edvinas Kilbauskas Avatar

    No he's not. lol

  19. Ya Shi Avatar

    Your explanations and speaking English is so clear! Thank you!

  20. Alfonso Azzo Avatar

    There is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to know!!!

  21. UNCLEBOB Avatar

    I have tried to understand this from other youtube tutorials but they usually boost about how cool it is to do something without typing any codes in xcode. This tutorial really helps.

  22. Jon Blair Avatar

    Not trying to be a jerk by saying this but for anyone watching these videos as a beginner if you delete all your comment code and submit it to apple, they will reject it. It's how they keep people from plagurizing other people code.

  23. KillenBFL Avatar

    Great 🙂 is there a windows program that I can use?

  24. Benjamin mylläri Avatar

    I just want to say, that actually the icon dose NOT have to be exactly 57×57 pixels, because i did the icon with a 64×64 pixels or something, and the program automatic changed it to the exact size.
    Just an interesting point =)

  25. Christian Harris Avatar

    So, is it Bucky Roberts, or Greg Roberts?

  26. FPL TV Avatar

    Finally after 3 long weeks I'm back to this tutorial! I got here and didn't know anything about Obj-C or Bucky and I once he said in this vid 'Go and watch all his Obj-C tuts' I went back and studied all 65 of them! Here I am 3 weeks later with a good knowledge of Objective C and a new found love for the mighty Bucky Roberts! iPhone Dev here I come! 😀

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