iPhone Development Tutorial – 8 – Adding Images and Text Fields

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26 responses to “iPhone Development Tutorial – 8 – Adding Images and Text Fields”

  1. Erhan Gökmen Avatar

    referanslar,referanslar,referanslar… here is Turikish coding

  2. APO1995 Avatar

    Bucky I miss your face ! 🙁

  3. osamie1 Avatar

    Best part 6:24 ha

  4. Michael Foster Avatar

    1) I did what you said for the image, but when (after saving) I stimulate it, it doesn't show up!?
    2) Also, I cannot get the outlet to show up when I drag the filesowner onto the different objects.

  5. d weng Avatar

    Actually… can I ask for your face…

  6. Braden Mende Avatar

    short siezure 6:45

  7. Feverent Avatar


  8. mw2loverification Avatar

    @dunngh Put this in your code:
    [yourTextField resignFirstResponder];

    The yourTextField is just an example name btw.

  9. Robert Dunn Avatar

    When I hit "done" on the keyboard, it doesn't go away. How do I make this happen?

  10. John Smith Avatar

    thank you for this very helpfull tutorial!
    greetings from switzerland

  11. Leonardo Costa Avatar

    @TactualBenna I think its on:
    hardware > device > iPhone

    I just don't know how to make it default.

  12. Brad Chailland Avatar

    who disliked this video?

  13. Benjamin mylläri Avatar

    For some reason when i run my app it always open the simulator for iPad. Why?? and were can i find the simulator for iPhone/iPod??
    and btw thanks for the awesome xcode series. Helped very much!

    Greetings from Finland!

  14. Jason Muarray Avatar

    For Xcode 4, Size to Fit is under Editor.

  15. Aaron Brown Avatar

    1,2,3,4,5!?!?! That's Amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage!!

  16. ps3wiiinds Avatar

    thanks so much! You've helped me complete my first iPad project and probably saved my job. Without your tutorials, i wouldn't have completed it in time. Thank you!

  17. JustNivOK Avatar

    References XD

  18. Saif Idrees Avatar

    Love U Bucky and the way U make things so simple !

  19. studiowow Avatar

    I had a great laugh with your references

  20. Frank Cash Avatar

    lol @4:50 – 5:00

  21. Jerold Hawkins Avatar

    i second that, what happens when you select emergency call? Im going to do it lol

  22. lhyx1990 Avatar

    @unevenestfall same problem for me yesterday. you definitely forgot to save. (both code and the screen)

  23. Morrison Ford Avatar

    referencesisis.., referencesisis, … referencesiss, references, lololol llllmmmmaaaaaoooo!!!!!!!

    c'mon dude, enough with the references 😉

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