iPhone Development Tutorial – 9 – Getting Rid of Keyboards

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33 responses to “iPhone Development Tutorial – 9 – Getting Rid of Keyboards”

  1. Matthew Chan Avatar

    but it is still work on storyboard?

  2. higuys9 Avatar

    god this is amazing

  3. Jessamy Avatar

    Brilliant video!! Thanks for solving my problem. 🙂

  4. Sam Sek Avatar

    very excited when following your tutorial~

  5. Braden Mende Avatar

    just gonna have to watch and rewatch

  6. Jeremouans Avatar

    So my question is : how do I implement tapping on an UITableView. I can already tap on the cells ( didSelectRow or something like that) but if the table is empty I can't tap it…

  7. Jeremouans Avatar

    hi guys, so i want to tranform a UIScrollView into UIControl like in the tutorial, and i can't find where i do that ( Using xcode 4)

  8. 3doog Avatar

    Doesn't work for me. I did everything Bucky did, but the done button and the background doesn't hide the keyboard. I'm using Xcode 4.3.2

  9. Adam Dekel Avatar

    I know that.. but why should I give up storyboard ? this is a very comfort way to work with…
    Is there another way to do so ?

  10. Adam Dekel Avatar

    But there is no File Owner at xcode4.2.
    The File's Owner replaced with ViewController in xcode4.2 …

  11. Adam Dekel Avatar

    Hi Bucky,

    I tried this program with xcode4.2 and connected between my control's Touch Down to the View Controller and choose: 'tapBackground' method but still the background doesn't responding… what shall I do ?

    thnx !!

  12. Ho Kuen Leung Avatar

    I like this video simply because that "WTF" make me laugh 🙂

  13. jawed khan Avatar

    it is lovely man, it would be awsome if you can make a tutorial that actually authorize username and password with actual database, webservice or any other datasource. thanks man again…

  14. Ken Chen Avatar

    Awesome!!!!This should be the first result in google for "get rid of keyboard in iphone development"!! This 8 minutes tutorial way much better than what I have read hours from other sites. Thumbs up!

  15. Roustam Manookian Avatar

    Hi, why don't you create a tutorial that does a real LogIn with connection to DB an authorization???????????????
    Please :(((((((((

  16. nhoj D Avatar

    when you are typing in the username, if you click the background the keyboard don't disappear. I don't think the [username resignFirstResponder]; work in
    -(IBAction) tapBackGround: (id)sender

  17. kingofmagic1 Avatar

    bucky roberts = bad ass mother fucker 😀

  18. Piogan Dominicano Avatar

    Great, everything is working the way you said, you're the best teacher I ever had. Thanks, keep going.

  19. elkhaiat1 Avatar

    The one who clicked the Dislike-Button just wanted to check if it's working. Unfortunately, he did not manage to remove it. Chuck Norris got him.

  20. 3D Surfacing Avatar

    With the new update the code stopped working?

  21. TexasRable Avatar

    why when i click "enter password" it appears a bunch of letter???
    i did put number pad on it's control atributes…

  22. Darrengb Avatar

    Bucky YOUTUBE TUTOR of the year 2010

  23. Rodolfo Cuevas Avatar

    you could complete the example by adding a button to send you to another view if the user name and password are correct

  24. frapollidesign Avatar

    LOVE your tutorials. Perfect for absolute beginners like me!
    Thanks a bunch!

  25. garygarygary122 Avatar

    how did you get to learn all this, did you go to school for it?

  26. chrisxdeboy Avatar

    @coffee4us enjoy an upvote, sir!

  27. theme542 Avatar


  28. chrisxdeboy Avatar

    I demand Android tutorials.

  29. TheCrazyHouse Avatar

    I love all of this guy's tutorial… By far one of my favorite YouTube Stars…GO BUCKY!!!

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