iPod / iPhone App Review – Need for Speed Shift

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23 responses to “iPod / iPhone App Review – Need for Speed Shift”

  1. LarrytheBattleMage Avatar

    @Amadormh people do that when they are using a phone or iPod because there is no reply to comment button like on a computer

  2. surferboy347808 Avatar

    @tjello yes he is using a protector because u cn see a little air bubble on the top

  3. amoshilel123 Avatar

    how much is this game

  4. MrAlekz Avatar

    it does it by itself sometimes

  5. underyourebed Avatar

    Is there only one control scheme??

  6. eddy1154 Avatar

    "this noob" lol
    This game look awesome and controls are similar to nfs undercover 🙂
    Gotta get this game soon ;D

  7. Ball Sack Avatar

    otherwise it would mean ur talking to all the people in general

  8. ioninric Avatar

    drift?the game is so stupid~

  9. Mr Plainz Avatar

    nice app but 6.99 No thanks

  10. DJ KB EATS Avatar

    omfg y aint ur ipod jailbroken?

  11. 13648523 Avatar

    what kind of camara do you use ???????? just wondering

  12. JamieA242 Avatar

    i dno i kinda did it so it would stand out cos i really want bucky to do an overclocking tutorial cos his how to build a computer videos are what made me confidently build a computer and it was my first time writting anything like that but i think it looks kool and unique.

  13. Nick Soan Avatar

    Common things to look out for.

    The speaker slit at the top
    iPhone is much thicker
    Camera at the back
    Contacts icon on the menu screen

  14. Tristin Terry Avatar

    Dark Nebula, it's free and pretty fun!

  15. Nick Soan Avatar

    @TiXofSecretX Thats an Ipod Touch

  16. JamieA242 Avatar

    can you make an overclocking video plz.?>

  17. TiXofSecretX Avatar

    question: are you using the Ipod Touch? or is it just the Iphone?

  18. R0KURU Avatar

    need for speed shit

  19. blamethedogs Avatar

    I just got this yesterday, its Awesome!

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