Is Graphic Design Dead?

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22 responses to “Is Graphic Design Dead?”

  1. Crazcompart Avatar

    With clients going to all these crowdsourcing and "bargain basement everything's $5" (both known colloquially as "spec" sites) that get your services for little and most times, nothing at all, being a freelancer is dead-end…Working for one of the few (and dwindling) graphics firms is strictly for those who know someone who knows someone…I'd safely say that Graphic Design is prosperous only for a "chosen few"…

  2. Jogha Ella Avatar

    Graphic design has become boring. It's so limited with its calligraphy, swirls, golden textures, flat and material design. Oftentimes company logos scream: "FLAT DESIGN, SIMPLISTIC, MINIMALISTIC", although it doesn't really correspond with the company's business style. All companies are trying to be so hip, but in the end the consumer can't even differentiate between a logo for a juice bar and a bag because the design language is the same.
    I personally want to see more chaos in the design world next year. More chaos, less calculated design processes, no rules. The breaking point will come soon, I'm sure of it.

  3. Kyle W. Knapp Avatar

    No, it's not. Residual income in the industry is booming.

  4. Jaylen Fast Avatar

    I feel like design is becoming too accessible and the idea 'everyone is creative' does not translate to 'everyone is a designer.' The average person doesn't appreciate good design and very few customers are looking for that quality–apart from bigger corporations.

    As side note, design is not dead, BUT print design is decreasing (sadly), though it will never go away either.

  5. Invisible Building Avatar

    Hey Will, I'm glad I found your video. We have a similar way of thinking. I'm a web designer and I recently just started to vlog and I hope to push out content similar to yours, so coincidence that I find your channel today. 🙂

    I don't think design is dead, I think what was graphic design has died and to the same extent what was web design has died, but only to be reborn and pushed in a different direction. We are constantly moving and you have to stay at the top of the game and watch others and improve.

    I know from a web design perspective, stock template websites are everywhere, squarespace is soaking up the market and various other things that have pushed design in the wrong direction. However I do think we are coming to a turning point where as designers we have to utilize these tools as best we can for the people we want to design for.

    Hope that all made sense!

  6. Petr Lahodný Avatar

    So.. You making your living from graphic design? Gosh, I want it toooo

  7. Tony Avatar

    I think graphic design is overly saturated. Along with the new "hip" churches. They all have such fancy graphics, websites, music/bands…it's all over saturated.

  8. Pieter Staaks Avatar

    Great and honest, I love it!

  9. ThisIsNotADrill ! Avatar

    I think that as designers a lot of us need to stop being so closed minded. We are not just GRAPHIC designers, we are DESIGNERS and design is everywhere. I find it funny when someone realizes that I can help them design more than just something from photoshop or illustrator. As designers we see things differently from non-designers, from simple shit like how to hang the holiday decorations, to building a business, we as designers have a lot of things we can offer. Sure you may not want to be a professional holiday decorator, but my point is that if you open your eyes up to how much we can offer to the world and how much design is around us we can see that this industry is far from over saturated. We just need to start thinking of more outlets.

  10. Hauke I. Avatar

    Awesome video! 🙂

  11. Jinkdrrk Avatar

    What camera are you using for this video Will? It's crystal clear!

  12. Manny Donaire Avatar

    Graphic design is NOT dead. There are many areas you can branch off into:
    Print design, branding, advertising web design, UX/UI, wireframe/prototyping, motion graphics, animation, designing static or animated banners…production (boring). You can even sell your work or make youtube videos. Maybe branch into other areas such as videography, directing, and photography, a lot of designers nowadays use everything from a camera to making videos. If you like more creative work, you can get into lettering, calligraphy, illustration, or experimental typography.
    Everyone seems to beat their chests and say 'NY or LA' is where all the work is, though bigger cities have more opportunities, let me fill you in on a little secret… Bay Area/SF/SJ have the 'best paying' design work, average pay is MORE than NY, you can even look it up if you don't believe me. Also, tons of tech companies and startups in Bay Area.

  13. T Davis Avatar

    Very nice Will!! I have been wondering this myself, this is very informational

  14. utubecomment21 Avatar

    Having a diploma in graphic Design and a degree in Fine Art, all I would say is that the tools of graphic design has changed. What I didn't take note of there being any kind of slump or collapse in GD around the same time the art market collapsed 2008 – 2009? I was then coming to the end of myFine Art degree, but when i watch video's many artists did suffer a slump in sales, and some still haven't been able to do as well than they did before the crash. I wonder if GD has gone the same way?

  15. Cyka Doggo Avatar

    Ive got bills! I got to pay so im gonna not design everyday!

  16. Aprexo Avatar

    It's awesome watching someone's channel grow

  17. Peli Kan Avatar

    i think there are plenty of different views. In my point of view if you wanna get rich in the creative scene, if you wanna make the big money, you have to go into the marketing department. Even artists working for nike often earn like an average designer. But if graphic design, photography, etc. is your life, your biggest passion you can make it. Sometimes it's better to start a business at the saturated market. If you believe in yourself and treat your passion like your life depends on it you can definitely make it. Also i think you location is very important. For example if you are a street photographer and you're living in New York… well visually you have the best location.. but you have sooo much more competition like for example in Germany!

  18. Luke Porter Avatar

    Totally agree with you Will, design is everywhere now and the total opposite of dead! I guess it's just scary for new designers, like myself, to see so many talented people making a living from designing and seeing how professional their work is, then having doubt that there won't be any room in the industry for us (especially if we find it hard to develop a unique style that sets us apart from other designers). Nonetheless I totally agree with you, cheers for the helpful videos man 🙂

  19. Tadas Neverdauskis Avatar

    This is very true. Design it very needed right now. There are a lot of new business on the internet, some people even own few companies at once and they need branding, logos and web designs to make their business successful. That's where designers come to the help. Thanks for the vid Will, you are awesome as always!

  20. Terry Tan Avatar

    thanks Will i needed this today. it's good to know that there will always be an opportunity for a designer out there

  21. Brendan Laird Avatar

    This was a great idea for a video! I've had this on my mind from time to time as well.

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