Java 2D Graphics – Java Game Dev #11

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to draw objects on top of a JPanel using paintComponent(), and Rectangle2D. Additionally, we will be synchronizing our graphics with the game loop so we can constantly refresh the screen at 60FPS!
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Difficulty Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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14 responses to “Java 2D Graphics – Java Game Dev #11”

  1. Sudharsan B. Avatar

    Any chance this is coming back?

  2. victor Avatar

    misleading thumbnail 🙁

  3. BP Drones Avatar

    Please, I did all that you said (subscribe, like, share), but I waste my time to see all videos to see that it's no finished. It's very frustrating. Please, finish it because it's a GREAT tutorial. Thank you in advance.

  4. The Jokester Avatar

    Will this series be continued?

  5. Novalax Avatar

    So is this series over?

  6. Nic Taylor Avatar

    Very good series, videos were short and for the most part, quite concise. I'm guessing you dont still have the files for this considering how long ago it was.. but another video on implementing the graphics would be helpful

  7. Nic Taylor Avatar

    Need help finishing it..

  8. ilam buduri Avatar

    Where is the next tutorial??

  9. TheUnPlayable Avatar

    c++ ? please ? 🙂

  10. DevFactor Avatar

    And here is the source for anyone who wants a closer look: github / DFSource/jracer/tree/master/JRacer-Prototype 🙂 && You guys are awesome!

  11. DevFactor Avatar

    I just wanted to note that the focus of this series was to build a game in Java, and not have fun with the graphics library. That being said, if you guys are interested in getting familiar with the built in Java graphics library try this:

    Try changing the last two parameters of your rectangle or whatever shape you choose to a variable/field. Add setters for that field inside of your JPanel GameBoard class and than every time your Timer ticks move the x and / or y coordinates around a bit!

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