Java Game Development #1 – Starting up our Project

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In this video we start our game and show you what the plan for this game is going to be. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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39 responses to “Java Game Development #1 – Starting up our Project”

  1. Charlés Gheluwe Avatar

    Using this tutorial for creating a Typing game, thanks!

  2. CreativeName Jeff Avatar

    From what scale (from 1 to 10) would you guys recommend using java as primary 2D game developing language?

  3. zoyeb shaikh Avatar

    sir i am weak in mathematics but my concepts about in programming is great so that my main concern is mathematics that you have used in Game. so could you please tell me which topics i need to cover to improve my maths ability. not just RealTutsGML please replay please reply anyone

  4. Kivimango Productions Avatar

    Hey, i watched this tutorial within a day, i really like it, detailed and commented.Since a lot of people asks in the comments about the source code, do you accept to uploading ? I will give you credits ofc.

  5. clarkkent24616 Avatar

    What shortcut key to press to list the methods in :12:14?

  6. AJ Kim Avatar

    Cherno is really unorganized and stopped
    others were lack of understanding what they do so they stop
    but not you!
    I apprecaiet a lot!

  7. Jonathan Keys Avatar

    Dude, great tutorials…could you please slow it down a little though. You went through eclipse options rather fast.

  8. Sreeram Ravikumar Avatar

    How do you create a resources folder???????????

  9. Keenan Woodall Avatar

    So are packages basically namespaces?

  10. Daniel Macho Avatar

    Thanks RealTutsGML for this marvelous tutorial! Here you have my adapted version with some small enhancements to the code and some new features in case you like to review:

  11. James Michael Kuizon Avatar

    Can I have a copy of the whole code for this project? Please.

  12. Roxstar50 Avatar

    where you get this program

  13. AdamJMC Gross Avatar

    i want to do a coding series with you!

  14. Areg Hovhannisyan Avatar

    its not fair that justin bieber is more famous than you 🙁

  15. MuneliteGG :: CSGO and Such Avatar

    i dont have the jre. problem? pleaze help soon.

  16. J Monkey Avatar

    if i use jre8 will it cause problems?

  17. DevFactor Avatar

    Hey, for those of you who are interested in a more modern tutorial – We are building a game live on the DevFactor YT channel 🙂 Cheers!

  18. Niaz Ali Avatar

    when i try to run the java application it say "selection doesn't contain a main type"
    so what do i do ?

  19. Chocolade_met Avatar

    I know this vid is old, but help?
    Whenever I add the mouse listener, the game keeps repeating the launch.
    It's so fast that my computer overloads.

    Derp wrong vid…, sorry.
    Google is being a troll on me.

  20. God Avatar

    I thought you were supposed to but the res folder in the source files.

  21. AndroidSwot Avatar

    Dude could you make a tutorial on how to make a game like five days at freddy s?

  22. The_Enigma Avatar

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is your username for your computer set as "GOD"? Seen as 8:03? 😛 That's magnificent.

  23. luke53285 Avatar

    throwing a like on all your vids thanks for the help man

  24. 10 Hour Channel Avatar

    Thanks to you i have made a game on my own. I am only thirteen years old. Please try it out. You can find it at my website:

  25. Java Dev One Avatar

    Hola amigos. Si entendeis español y estáis interesados en aprender a programar juegos en Java, pasaros por mi canal, ¡completamente en ESPAÑOL!

  26. Joystikmashers Avatar

    #RealTutsGML  I dont have the res folder

  27. Aetricity Avatar

    Where the hell do you get the java creating program I know most of the code, I just don't know how to start compiling it.

  28. Alan Guilfoyle Avatar

    Just a tip but you can left click on the side where the line numbers would normally be and there is a short cut to add the line count there. Just saves a little bit of time. Thanks for you videos!

  29. Kross Ruiz Avatar

    Am I the only one who thinks the spaceship looks like a penis?

  30. Kerim Timirbulatov Avatar

    Hey bro, Will it work if i use NetBeans compiler rather than Eclipse, does it matter which matter which one you user?

  31. OfficialCodingNetwork Avatar

    WHAT THE FUCK! I GET A FUCKING ERROR FOR THE FUCKING CLASS NAME! Implicit super constructor Object() is undefined for default constructor. Must define an explicit constructor

  32. sandplasma Avatar

    I took a class on Java and got most of the basics down. Super eager to start a project like this. Thanks for the tutorial, going to get started on it tonight!

  33. krokvskrok Avatar

    I searched for a good Java 2D Game programming tutorial here. All i've found were tutorials which stop in the middle of the series or the video-makers are talks too fast or/and explain too few, really all EXCEPT YOU!!!
    Rather i searched a platformer tutorial (which you are actaully making) but this series is so good (spoken slow and good explained!) that i decide to watch first this and then watch your actually platformer tutorial.

  34. CmartGamez Avatar

    Do u still use eclipse

  35. CmartGamez Avatar

    Do us till use eclipse

  36. playthrough12 Avatar

    Hey nice videos very helpful but I still feel that I am not quite getting that hand of this if you could add me on Skype or something and we could talk that would be awesome PM me your name.

  37. Nathan Wickland Avatar

    I started with Multimedia Fusion 2 and it made it VERY hard to do Java 

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