Java Game Development #14 – Creating an Entity

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In this video we learn how to create an Entity system with java. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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38 responses to “Java Game Development #14 – Creating an Entity”

  1. Kamal Ahmad Avatar

    didn't know that interface can do that !

  2. clarkkent24616 Avatar

    What happened to the constructor in Controller class? How come you did not have error in Game Class with line "c = new Controller(this, tex);"?

  3. Lost Feelings Avatar

    Lets try to get up to 40 likes, well you got 258, oh wait 259 now 😉

  4. Altamash Khan Avatar

    You have not shown the code for how to remove the bullets when they get offscreen… :/

  5. Genergy Avatar

    What's the difference between an interface and an abstract class?

  6. Christopher Avatar

    My init method in the Game class is now calling the Controller constructor we deleted 🙁 HELP

  7. RestLess PvP Avatar

    Wow everything fucekd up thanks

  8. Yassin Philip Avatar

    Your videos are precious, sir.

  9. Yassin Philip Avatar

    I can't believe one can lose any file so far into this century, with GIT and cloud sync systems around.. oO

  10. nzstutzy Avatar

    Thank you for the great tutorials, I'm really learning a lot. I have gone through your tutorials a couple of time now and all works fine till I get to this lesson. Can you please explain what you did to remove the enemies in the beginning of this video, what code you removed from the last episodes. Everything work fine in episode #13 then i do what you explain in this episode and when i run the program nothing happens and i get a grey window with no player, bullet, enemy or background. I have checked all my code and its the same as yours, what am i missing?

  11. Miguel Guerrero Avatar

    It seems we all have the same problem

  12. Paul Gatto Avatar

    Obviously I missed something. My code is dead. The player still appears and moves and the background still shows up, but the enemies aren't there and it doesn't fire anymore. The game was fine after tutorial 13.

     Does anyone else have this problem?

  13. Marty McFly Avatar

    Can I have help, I have a problem in the code that stops my game from starting up, but it won't show me where the problem is? 🙁

  14. Marty McFly Avatar

    Dude your code is the wrong way round to mine, I'm really confused :'(

  15. Nimz Hoax Avatar

    Can I skip this Video and not work with entity cause last time I did that I think I messed up or something and everything I did stopped working so I had to restart

  16. guigrillo101 Avatar

    Nice =D
    I know how to develop games using the screen size.
    But I tryed to make a minecraft plataformer in 2D with sidescrolling map and i started to have dificulty to make the enemys be able to walk around the map, jumping etc..
    And Im being confuse some times with coord X and Y of side scrolling.. I dont know if you understand what i mean

  17. RealTutsGML Avatar

    I will be doing that shortly in my platformer game development series.

  18. guigrillo101 Avatar

    RealTuts could make a Game dev series with side scrolling map? Thanks

  19. Dan Fox Avatar

    You deserve more views then Gangnam style

  20. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Well thank you. Im glad you're learning.

  21. Anish Shenwai Avatar

    You deserve way more than 40 likes!

  22. ali saim Avatar

    animation for the space ship

  23. IceJT15 Avatar

    RealTuts ur mai frend and a pretty cewl guy.

  24. Pierre Gorce Avatar

    Hello, i just would like to know why did you use an interface and not an abstract superclass ?? What is the advantages ?

  25. MCMapsandMods98 Avatar

    The enemy doesnt appear help??

  26. wasteofoxygen Avatar

    my bullets aren't working

  27. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Uhm yes I am creating an interface.

  28. vladim0105 Avatar

    LOL thanks for uploading this video, tried doing the same but with an abstract class to clean up my controller today. Boi my code is a mess, guess ill recode it all tomorrow 😛

  29. JellyTroupple Avatar

    Can I make a request for a tutorial series on game maker?

  30. TheMacInOz Avatar

    You are not creating an Interface?

  31. Mobin92 Avatar

    Why did you use an Interface and not an abstract superclass?
    What would be different if you did it that way?

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