Java Game Development #22 – Is This The End?

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So is this the end? You decide!
Stick Adventures:

Is this the end? or is this just the beginning?? If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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23 responses to “Java Game Development #22 – Is This The End?”

  1. Gameriffy Avatar

    Why my game is not working when i export it as a java executable?? plz help

  2. Andrea Tamantini Avatar

    I managed to script a little game thanks to you! (with some boss mechanic and everything)
    the problem that i have is that when i reach the end of my game it starts to slow down a lot
    Is there something i have to look for creating longer and more complex games?
    I hope you'll be able to answer me!
    I can pass you the code if needed

  3. The Best Avatar

    You are amazing. By looking at your old games I feel now you have got a lot of experience. Your tutorials have been highly helpful to me in understanding Java more clearly and the importance of good coding techniques. Thank you very much for all you effort you put in creating all these wonderful tutorials. I made few changes in my game it looks like this

  4. DeepVenganceTV Avatar

    I wish this was revived 🙁

  5. Dylanrules22 Avatar

    The Coding Made Simple link doesn't work.

  6. achuka chuya Avatar

    can i have your source code??

  7. Anil Sharma Avatar

    I tried to expand this game and got a problem , I added blast when i shot down enemy but unable to make it vanish can you help me out and also tried to add a game over screen with somewhat like menu is added but getting null pointer error

  8. Gmailiciousful Avatar

    How do I make my project/game executable? So that I can play the game independent of Eclipse?

  9. Jakub Dudek Avatar

    Dude, Ive learned so much from your videos! Thx a lot!

  10. andres palacios Avatar

    I'm new with this and I really like your tutorials a lot . I've been following your steps trying to do a simple tetris graphics, I did 10 squares in Photoshop in a array, I'm trying to add the other squares following the same array to do it but nothing happened. Can you help me to continuing with my project please?
    Thank you very much for your help

  11. TekiTek Avatar

    Could you out a code download?

  12. Simon Nilsson Avatar

    Hi, I have a bug where occasionally the "enemy_killed" gets larger than the "enemy_count" (spawning enemies)… It should be impossible? Since it does only spawn "enemy_count" amount of enemies so how could I kill more than that? (Take note that this happens only at rare occasions, otherwise the spawning works perfectly.) Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?

  13. JinGwee Avatar

    Hi, very nice series. How long have you been programming?

  14. Neel Modi Avatar

    anybody else realize that the awesome music at the end of his videos always starts exactly 30 seconds before the video ends?

  15. kidblastt Avatar

    Can this series of this tutorials be used for android too?

  16. John Malick Avatar

    Even if you don't redo space ship series at least discuss the simplification you mentioned instead of doing all those imports from one class to another.

  17. zelikris Avatar

    You should redo the space ship series with better coding style. I'm not saying the current one is badly written but I just remember you saying in one of your videos that there is a much better way to write the game. 

    If not, then please just post the source code so we can see how to write it better! 

    Your tutorials are the best!

  18. SPY653 Avatar

    run them both
    i subscribed for this series and this series alone

  19. MKRZ Avatar

    Hey man! I have a question, where/how did you learn programming?

  20. Richard Tester Avatar

    a video on how to implement BGM and SFX would be nice

  21. fma64 Avatar

    i'm doing this tutorial with a character instead of a ship, i would love to make this character move up down left and right and shot in those directions, or even attack in those directions, and stuff like that

  22. Jesse Zhang Avatar

    do it:) btw, can u still zoom in on the screen like the beginning of this series?

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