Java Game Development – 25 – Starting the Sprites Movement

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27 responses to “Java Game Development – 25 – Starting the Sprites Movement”

  1. Bob The Zealot Avatar

    My screen is black and nothing works.

  2. Ahmad Singkee Avatar

    What's with cumtime? 😮

  3. Elgoldy Avatar

    well did you create the Animation class we did in his previous tutorials

  4. smartbro678 Avatar

    I always have an error on that private Animation a; it always says that it cannot be resolve to a type

  5. Nick Calabro Avatar

    How do you do the getImage() method when you dont want an animation

  6. TheEntitySeven Avatar

    In 2009 cunt wasn't a widely used word in the United States. He probably had no clue.

  7. Chocomunk Avatar

    could u make a video on how to randomly generate sprites?

  8. kr0pp Avatar

    BTW before you manually copy and paste the content of a class just select your class from package explorer and then hit copy and paste, it will prompt for new name for the class and it will rename all constructors and stuff accordingly 🙂

  9. John Wilkinson Avatar

    Ah, should should learn to read the comments first…

  10. John Wilkinson Avatar

    I take it 0.3f is float?

  11. soad525 Avatar

    why did you do 0.3f? what is F?

  12. bace1000 Avatar

    @CombatArmsRuneScape No, I just happened to have watched his Python tuts 🙂

  13. CombatArmsRuneScape Avatar

    @bace1000 So you took your time to search about 500 videos Bucky made? Aww thats nice 😀

  14. bace1000 Avatar

    @CombatArmsRuneScape "bucky wouldn't swear". /watch?v=f8rk74r83R8

  15. CombatArmsRuneScape Avatar

    @MaXingTien it sounded a little bit as "fucking"… Well i think you're right, bucky wouldn't swear 🙂

  16. MaXingTien Avatar

    @CombatArmsRuneScape he said "main Bucky class".

  17. CombatArmsRuneScape Avatar

    0:30 Woah, "Main fucking class" what happend?
    And i also failed, i lost myself in your game and java tutorials, so i accidently studdied java like 4weeks of your tutorials…

  18. X-Y-Z Avatar

    i hate when he stops the video without testing if this works (atleast make a simple application and test it in there)

  19. lVIax Avatar

    cumTime? rly?

  20. Bigdog57 Avatar

    @TheGreekSkater 'f' put behind the number because it marks number, which is float date type

  21. TheGreekSkater Avatar

    why do you have to put 0.3"f" what does the f mean

  22. macheads101 Avatar

    there is no need for all of this code making it just move… not with a keylistener or anything just move on its own there is no need for the seperate class and getting and seeting methods it can be done in less than 30 lines of code and same for the static animation actually

  23. Fermixx Avatar

    i know you posted it way long ago, but in case other guy has the same question:
    if you cast to integer it simply takes out the decimal part. Math.round rounds (pretty obvious huh?) to the closest int.
    (int) 1,1 = 1 (cool!)
    (int) 1,9 = 1 (bad!)

  24. Waranle Avatar

    Bucky thank you as always your great. Im wondering can´t you make your videos little bit longer?

  25. Rafael Murillo Avatar

    look at java tutorial one, he shows what programs or anything you will need to do this.

  26. bounty112 Avatar

    hi bucky, a suggestion: record a video of your running app so that you can show it to us

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