Java Game Development – 34 – Mouselooks draw Method

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16 responses to “Java Game Development – 34 – Mouselooks draw Method”

  1. The Angry Swede Avatar

    Game programming  in Java…. good joke.

  2. TooT - the new Google Avatar

    3:50 can't you just do Math.abs(image.x)

  3. Rik Thunder Avatar

    "the rest of the tutorial is a piece of cake"
    true… but there isn't much cake left anyway : /

  4. Muhammed Refaat Avatar

    it's % (shift + 5)

  5. Martin ‌Apesoa Avatar

    I can't find the migulus (or whatever it's called :P) character

  6. Db Avatar


  7. nicomp1 Avatar

    Nah. There are so few unexplained issues that a contentious programmer can figure them out later. A tutorial can't to everything.

  8. Benjamin Morris Avatar

    The technology used for your tutorials is really good the audio quality and image is really clear and so in that sense it's easy to see what's going on. I do however recommend that if you get to something that you can't explain, stop filming and reshoot it when you can. Otherwise it is almost useless as a tutorial since if your viewers can't understand the concept there is no way they are going to be able to use again other than in mindlessly making listless copies of this game.

  9. Roi Atalla Avatar

    applets are basically the same, the only exception is that execution starts at a method called init(). thats it. substitute init() instead of maint() and these will work the same (the only problem here is you can't do fullscreen).

  10. Roi Atalla Avatar

    what's wrong with you?

  11. Roi Atalla Avatar

    No the remainder is what is left after you get an integer quotient.
    so the remainder of 10/3 is 1 because the biggest integer divisible into 10 is 3 and there is 1 left.

  12. Jeffrey Xiao Avatar

    @Corkman12 He shouldn't even be watching his videos and awesome tutorials!

  13. snoeg Avatar

    I really like where these tutorials are going

  14. Corkman12 Avatar

    Jesus Bucky, some people are out to get as much as they can for free. You should make sure he never wins any prizes

  15. LifeIzShort Avatar

    hey what up man i know this isn't the place for this but i was wounding if you where going to have anymore give away contest soon? i really need a computer for my wife…. leave me a comment if your going to have one soon… THANK YOU..

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