Java Game Programming: Juicy Menu Effects

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In this video we’re adding to our “Let’s Build a Game” series and adding Juicy menu effects for the user. If you have any questions or errors in your project feel free to comment and let me know! I will try to answer everybodys questions.

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9 responses to “Java Game Programming: Juicy Menu Effects”

  1. Andrija Adamovic Avatar

    Can you next time do coins system in java?

  2. WhateverArts Avatar

    what program do you use for this im trying to find it to start your game making course

  3. Rasmand Avatar

    i would love if you could show us how to make an A.I., so you can play until somebody dies first. because our 1 gamemode we have right now becomes kinda boring after some time. also a highscore system, were you store the highest scores permanently would be awesome, so you show us how to store data outside our game aka a savestate for the scores

    you make awesome tutorials
    keep up the great work

  4. LynxHero Avatar

    Please make video for online(udp,tpc packets) for this game

  5. Raynlaze Avatar

    I really wonder how you would rotate the buttons, since rectangles are always straight on x and y positions. Could you explain how you did that?

  6. EchO Avatar

    I love your videos man! please do more for this game!

  7. Edward Redder Avatar

    These tutorials are great

  8. Nukem Avatar

    im loving these tutorials!

  9. Pedro de Carvalho Avatar

    hey tuts, could you help me with a issue i am having on programming my first game? i am currently making the trail effect, however, when i apply the effect on the Basic enemy, the game does not run 🙁
    PS: i am following your let's build a game series

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