Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 10

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12 responses to “Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 10”

  1. Purple Pye Avatar

    +RealTutsGML Can you teach us how to code something like this in game maker studio (RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Theatrhythm Battle System) there isn't a tutorial on the yoyogames forum or youtube

  2. Mehmed Çavaş Avatar

    wonderful channel love it soooooo much <3 will we also see how we can change these colored blocks( wizard , crate ,enemies) to animeted objects? like a real showing wizard and a good back ground not like these red one ^^

  3. Speiger Avatar

    2 things you should change: First Input handler should have only a player Reference that it processes.

    Second: the Entity Manager should be not a linkedlist. More like an Map<Class<? extends Entity>, List<Entity>> + an arraylist for everything check. So you can have faster collision/ targeting detection.

  4. it'sMitchell Avatar

    Please make more of this series and future ones like it. I enjoy the coding in the java and have been learning a lot from this series. Keep it up

  5. Cam Fitness Avatar

    Amazing channel! I love Java and I love your videos. I just want to learn more about bit shifting? Is it really complicated and you do it to just do it or do you understand everything ?

  6. ZentsuGo Avatar

    Really helpful channel.

  7. InfamousComic Avatar

    cant buy pixal art course anymore cause its over price now it used to be like 4 dollars or 3

  8. manas bansal Avatar

    I learnt a lot from this series. Thanks!

  9. Matthew Neto Avatar

    Are you going to do another java course after this game?

  10. Ata Akbulut Avatar

    Why is this channel so good ?

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