Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 2

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If you have any questions or errors in your project feel free to comment and let me know! I will try to answer everybodys questions.

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29 responses to “Java Game Programming Wizard Top Down Shooter Part 2”

  1. Shikhar Mainalee Avatar

    Who else heard the police sirens at 12:46?

  2. The Beyond: :X56VE7 SH5V5# Avatar

    Plz give a more easier explanation of the coding in your future videos..

  3. ZNicolas Avatar

    with VelX 1 my cube go to fast how can I let him go slower ?

  4. Jason Blake Avatar

    I have an issue where the two blocks are smearing across the screen after setting velX to 1.

  5. Karex_ Avatar

    they down' move for me at 13:47 please someone help me

  6. Y00Rd00m Avatar

    I don't understand this… Which method that tempObject calls? From GameObject class which is empty/abstract? If so, whats going to happen next? Pls, help me someone.

  7. MisterMel Avatar

    Please use enhanced loops…

  8. Mehmed Çavaş Avatar

    my boxes are too fast 😀

  9. Mehmed Çavaş Avatar

    this is so cooool^^ one question. I understand what u are doing. but Im not ready to make the same game with my experiences. Is it right to watch this videos? Im new at java I know the basics + OOP basics. but these videos are my first real project experiences. should i watch them or do u have an other way to learn java on a better way or am i on the right way=^^

  10. Mihai Pruteanu Avatar

    In the Game() constructor isn't it better to write "handler = new Handler();" before "start();"?
    Also, "velX = 0.9f;" doesn't move the box. "velX = 1;" works. How to make "velX = 0.9f;" to move the box?
    Thank you for this tutorial.

  11. TheManeOfLife Avatar

    Where did you get object.size();

  12. Faded Galaxy Avatar

    I added velX = 1 and the boxes aren't moving. any idea why? I'm on mac 10.6

  13. Thy Dudeness Avatar

    Thank you for doing this free! It's great

  14. MTBlife Avatar

    Ever thought about slowing down? I have to watch like 4 times to get everything

  15. Azamat Abdikadirov Avatar

    I am just wondering is there any specific reason LinkedList is here used rather than ArrayList?

  16. Allan Mehlen Avatar

    Great work dude 🙂
    Do you just declare movable objects like player, enemies as gameobject or also unmovable objects like walls, ground?

  17. Poot Avatar

    does the tweaning effect still work in gms2?

  18. SaladGaming Avatar

    Where do you set the number of game objects for the LinkedList?

  19. Fatih Çenesiz Avatar

    thank u dude ure helping us a lot

  20. The Master Avatar

    Keep up the good work.

  21. Coreggon Music Avatar

    You can also write the tick method like this:
    public void tick(){
    for(GameObjet o : object){
    same with render 🙂

  22. Sam Secondo Avatar

    Keep up the videos, I'm interested to see where you go with this

  23. AROD2003 Avatar

    Keep up the great work man!!!

  24. Troll Troll Avatar

    Thank you for taking time out of your day to help others learn game development.

  25. ShadowCooper77 Avatar

    just want 2 say ur awesome!

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