Java Programming #12 – Textures

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In this video we look at loading textures and placing them onto our player and blocks. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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26 responses to “Java Programming #12 – Textures”

  1. Hisyam Hanafi Avatar

    today is my birthday thank you for teaching me sensei

  2. Emerald Gaming Avatar

    I'm getting an Exception in thread "Thread-2" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at gameJava.framework.SpriteSheet.grabImage(
    at gameJava.framework.Texture.getTextures(
    at gameJava.framework.Texture.<init>(
    at gameJava.window.Game.init(
    at Source)
    Why is this?
    I know it's returning a null input from somewhere but I don't know how to fix it

  3. Damian Dassen Avatar

    ss? that's an strange name for a variable

  4. devin blevins Avatar

    What did you use to draw your coin image?

  5. BLEAK Avatar

    You can download block_sheet.png and player_sheet.png here

  6. Ozterkvlt Avatar

    this way of doing it is cool and all but not very flexible. You have to have tons of different RGB values in your loadlevel image to keep track of and you can only use a static sky background image for instance, meaning you cant design levels with changing backgrounds. I'd recommend using a tile software to make your level then exporting it and using that image instead of drawing in each block. Youd have to figure out a way to only draw the part of the image that is on the screen though as using huge images is very slow

  7. Ozterkvlt Avatar

    i know this video is old and you prolly wont reply, but does anyone have a method of making slanted surfaces for the player to walk on?

  8. Areeb Raza Avatar

    its not working for me, it doesn't draw the dirt blocks for me, if some one can help me, please tell me their email address so i can email my code and then they can fix my project and send it back to me.

  9. Etto Rigo Avatar

    if(red == 128 && green == 128 & b…..orif(red == 128 && green == 128 && b….?

  10. Julio Padilla Avatar

    So i can run my game good and everything but the only thing is that when i load the image of the player i get the white background that the player has in the SpriteSheet how can I get rid of that and just be able to load the image of the player?

  11. Criticaldiamonds Avatar

    GUYS: If you want to increase your FPS, this is an easy solution.
    This is the render method of your Block class.
    What it does is only render if the block is inside the screen, otherwise it isn't rendered. this increases FPS by a lot because there is no reason to render things outside the screen… Hope this helps!

    public void render(Graphics g) {
    // Cull blocks outside the screen to increase FPS
    if ((this.x > -Camera.getX() + Game.WIDTH) || (this.x < -Camera.getX() – 32) || (this.y > -Camera.getY() + Game.HEIGHT) || (this.y < -Camera.getY() – 32)) {
    } else {
    if (type == EnumBlockID.DIRT) {
    g.drawImage(tex.block[0], (int) x, (int) y, null);
    if (type == EnumBlockID.GRASS) {
    g.drawImage(tex.block[1], (int) x, (int) y, null);


  12. Emily James Avatar

    Where can i find the block sheet and player sheet?

  13. Sourabh Singh bais Avatar

    Cool! Yo! mate this is great level creating method. 😀

  14. austin moyer Avatar

    i broke it ._. idk how but it says there are no errors but when i run it, it says:
    at com.dreadeye38.neon.window.Game.init(
    at Source)

  15. Aslhax Avatar

    Does anyone have a player_sheet and a block_sheet that I can download? Please and thanks so much!

  16. joe cooney Avatar

    where does he add the scaling?

  17. Carlos Herrera Avatar

    Which program did you used to create those spritesheets? 

  18. bam24ful Avatar

    how to you upload the character texture without the white background

  19. CriticaldiamondsCode Avatar

    How do you fix the player clipping through the blocks? You said that you were going to fix it at the end of your last video!

  20. Epicnerd73 Avatar

    Ok, I would have thought you would explain how to make the textures, because I have no idea how to in terms of sizing and stuff…

  21. MultiDevan13 Avatar

    hey guys check out this simple game i made.. it about post apocalyptic world. "zombies included" and tell me if you like it

  22. Feysal Imraan Avatar

    I just hate the fact that i cant access these images in this videos. That brings me almost to a stand still. Bro, cant we have some kind of a Google Drive so we can access such kinda resources?

  23. Dominic Bruno Avatar

    Lol that moment when you mix objects up, and have hundreds of the player sprite as your foreground tiles…

  24. Stefan Velickovic Avatar

    i have problem with texture, mine blocks are taking a block section but and rests blocks and lavas coins appears too. i check twice the code is like yours but probably i miss something? anybody have similar problem?

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