Java Programming: Let’s Build a Game #15

Produce your own Java game from scratch with this very simple, yet very powerful course available right now

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24 responses to “Java Programming: Let’s Build a Game #15”

  1. bewan yadav Avatar

    can you please give me source code as I am having some problem while building game by watching videos . Please I need your help.

  2. Srimmbow Guy Avatar

    I'd just make a shortcut after you make the folder

  3. DamnStupidOldIdiot Avatar

    Hello, I followed through your series up until episode 8 or 9, then I stopped and continued on my own(because I was too lazy to change int to float), and made something similar but kinda lame. Do I have your permission to upload it to the internet?

  4. MrSrinath2001 Avatar

    hi, if I want to play this on my phone, is it possible by turning this into an APK and downloading into my phone ?

  5. Adam Taylor Avatar

    Worked like a champ. Thank you for the learning experience. 😀 My kids and wife love the end result. I couldn't have made the game without your tutorial, +RealTutsGML

  6. Big J Avatar

    Has anyone got this to work? Mine still doesn't work. I've tried following the steps 5 or 6 times now, and the .jar still does nothing when I try to open it. Works as normal in Eclipse.

  7. homer burzjani Avatar

    sir, can u help me with Game of Generals??

  8. Mihai Pruteanu Avatar

    Thank you for these series. I learned very much. I wish I had watched this tutorial before I made my first game.

  9. Jabba Avatar

    'Sperm game' LMAO

  10. Jacob Hulten Avatar

    is there any way to add a space background to the game? i can not figure out how to add it?

  11. CraeticaL Avatar

    1:37 – "sperm Game" ? 😀 nice

  12. Muhammed Faik Ekiciler Avatar

    Its giving me a error :"duplicate entry: META-INF/MANIFEST.MF"

  13. ali wali Avatar

    fuck you and the game

  14. Mr. TopRamen Avatar

    So I finished my game. Is there any way I could easily make it embed-able on a website?

  15. shruikan123456789 Avatar

    I would love to have some JavaFX versions/a new project

  16. Just_Trying 2LeaRN Avatar

    Hey…thanks for this tutorial series that I started to watch recently…..
    just wondering how bout a worm or something like a dragon type character that bends it's body…….or a theme that changes its background like in outer space or something.

  17. Muzy Avatar

    Thanks for the vid. I wish if you could do mobile game tutorial. Subscribed..:)

  18. Chris MacIsaac Avatar

    I used JarSplice on my mac and the fat Jar worked perfectly, music and sounds all worked the same as you showed but when I then used the extra app option in JarSplice it produced a zip file, when I run the zip it gives me an app file with the icon I chose but when I double click the app file that was in the zip nothing happens. Any thoughts? It worked fine up until there

  19. Hugh Jass Avatar

    I spent hours trying to figure out what mistake I could have made when my jar wouldn't run. After 3 hours of fooling around, I got it to run, and realized my mistake was choosing Java.

  20. Alabaster Avatar

    Would it be possible for you to upload the games sourcecode somewhere? I'm having an issue with the buying menu. For some reason my health replenish box just doesn't work, and I've spent several hours trying to troubleshoot it.

  21. Claw Avatar

    what java is that?

  22. subbotting101 Avatar

    package me.Cleo17.Main;

    import java.awt.Color;
    import java.awt.Graphics;

    public class Player extends MainObject{

    public Player(int x, int y, ID id) {
    super(x, y, id);

    public void tick(){

    public void render(Graphics g) {
    g.fillRect(x, y, 32, 32);

    — from Episode 3 I believe or 2 ^^^ when I run the colour does not appear like the background, if I set background to black for example in the main class it doesn't change(if under the render) but if it's under the tick it will change.. & for this Player class it won't add the object yet I've tried..? Help @RealTutsGML

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