Java Programming Tutorial – 14 – Using Multiple Classes

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34 responses to “Java Programming Tutorial – 14 – Using Multiple Classes”

  1. Majkiwi Avatar

    If you don't have Eclipse, where do you type the "other" classes?

  2. Annie Wong Avatar

    super helpful video! I just switched with C++ to java and I had no idea what was going on this class until now.

  3. Amir Mayeh Avatar

    What a great tutorial.Thank u

  4. Ryan Boule Avatar

    Thanks for the video, this helped me out with something I struggled with

  5. Binizer Avatar

    So the main becomes "useless" and used just to declare other classes?

  6. Calvin Lee Avatar

    Can someone explain what is (String args[]) and why we don't need it for 'tuna' class. Thanks in advance

  7. AFB Avatar

    Awesome Bucky 🙂
    Thanks For Your Work!

  8. Harshit Gupta Avatar

    Thank You very much bucky.
    I am your Captain America.

  9. Aadarsh Gupta Avatar

    how can we do it textapd8?
    will u plz explain us?

  10. Health Tips Avatar

    hi i work in net beans …i i have copied exactly same code but i got error cant find symbol 'test'
    anybody help
    package multipleclasses;

    public class MultipleClasses
    public static void main(String[] args)
    Test newObject =new Test ();
    System.out.print (newObject.simpleMessage);


    public class Test

    public void simpleMessage()
    System.out.print("I am from another class ");



  11. fawzi nur Avatar

    System.out.println("The best tutorial EVER");

  12. Eli Abood Avatar

    Skimmed through three textbooks by Ph.D.s: couldn't understand this.
    One simple ten minute video by a teenager: makes perfect sense

  13. Eli Abood Avatar

    Why didn't he use static in the second class?

  14. Jamieson Dube Avatar

    type sysout and press enter. magic happens

  15. Targho Avatar

    slowly learning, day by day, increasing my knowledge

  16. Uğur Can Aydın Avatar

    My book struggles to elaborate on variables(double,int,String) and you elaborate everything in 6 min.You express things pretty well.

  17. Rishi Sivakumar Avatar

    This is very helpful. Thanks 🙂

  18. Nu Mber James Avatar

    got an error tuna cannot be resolved to a type means?

  19. David Chiumera Avatar

    Bucky you're a legend. Thank you.

  20. Aakriti Pandey Avatar

    can we use static for the method in tuna class or not?? like:
    public static void simpleMessage(){

  21. jagpreet bansal Avatar

    @thenewboston when i use multiple classes it ask me to choose server, how can i fix this?

  22. Xydez Avatar

    A tip: Make the first letter of your class name uppercase, This is so you can do Main main = new Main(); Instead of main mainObject = new main(); I don't think you can have the same name for your class and your class object/reference.

  23. AJay Gupta Avatar

    Double Click class tab to view Full Screen.

  24. Igor Kneževic Avatar

    i got error: idenitifier expected after this token

  25. Fred Green Avatar

    RIP class naming conventions

  26. rahul kasliwal Avatar

    from where should i practice java.

  27. Sgt$yed Avatar

    How would you call a variable from another class? Let say I have an "int h = 25;" in one class and i want to call it in another class. How would I do that?

  28. Pavithra moghan Avatar

    mine says it cannot find the symbol, as in my new class. what do i do to make it work?
    i am using netbeans

  29. Lord Battlebot Avatar


  30. likimiar Avatar

    Just watched it again many months later and it just clicked. Thanks man you're awesome. I owe you a tuna apple cheese sandwich.

  31. Renuka Asodaria Avatar

    thanx it works for me .

  32. Mc Manju Avatar

    thanks bucky 🙂

  33. Tanmay Lodha Avatar

    Great Explanation!

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