Java Programming Tutorial – 17 – Constructors

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37 responses to “Java Programming Tutorial – 17 – Constructors”

  1. James DeBenedictis Avatar

    Hey, I'm new to programming. What is the purpose in declaring "girlName = name"?

  2. Qc Diamond Avatar

    Your first gf was null

    That's mean

  3. Lefteris _k0n Avatar

    I am here just to read the comments

  4. Isaac Chen Avatar

    When I added the constructor and Input the name of my first gf, it still said "null". Not an issue with Java, it assigned name to what I told it to. sigh

  5. Bad Luck Brian Avatar

    So you dont really need constructors? Theyre just there for convenience?

  6. Ameme ator Avatar


  7. salsa4u Avatar

    hi I dont understand the link between tuna and apple, how does the system knows where to find the name if you don t specify the position like "C:/……"? thx for the answer

  8. Eric Yi Avatar

    I did all the exact same coding as Bucky but How come I get these in same sentences? "Your first gf was KelseyYour first gf was Nicole" After the Kelsey part the "Your" word doesn't start at the next line but it just keeps going like a one sentence.

  9. Hampan SweMcTutorialsAndMore Avatar

    Is it only me or is the method setName in the class tuna completely useless?

  10. 〉〈 Avatar

    I love Bucky's videos, but the comments section distracts me

  11. Zheng Lian Avatar

    Idk if anyone else had that problem, but if your texts are in the same line, it is because bucky added a "n" after %s in the tuna class without telling us (or have I missed it… idk).

  12. Prabhat Damerla Avatar

    what is the use of percent s?

  13. Adam Lewis Avatar

    Nice and to the point plus unexpectedly hilarious.

  14. Mehmed Çavaş Avatar

    I dont understand why does yout java tutorial list has a so strange oder? You started good but it continiues suddenly with classes or why are u give methos examples from an other class? is that on purpose? I have a basic java knowledge so I can understand it but im not sure if it also good for other ones who sees a programming language for the first time. Can anyone answer my question?

  15. Michael Darby Avatar

    tuna object 21. so you had nineteen girlfriends?

  16. HNK2015 Avatar

    I thought you have to define what kind of return the method would do just as void or string. How come you can do public tuna without writing what kind of value it will return such as void or String?

  17. Saurabh Kumar Avatar

    after watching bucky's awesome lecture ,feminists be like
    "it is morally wrong to objectify women"

  18. Darshan Rajput Avatar

    error with the printf in both tut 16 and 17..??
    any solution?

  19. A.J. Velasco Avatar

    Whats the point of private String Girlfriend?

  20. boellex Avatar

    You are a monster, waaaay better than a teacher and muuuuchhh more savage than standup

  21. StickMan1316 Avatar

    Man Bucky must love girls who hav Puh that taste like tuna!! jk jk

  22. Anthony Goodwin Avatar

    appropriately named tunaobject2 lmao dang

  23. FrogLungs Avatar

    i'm calling all women tunaObjects from now on.

  24. Abir Mahmood Abir Avatar

    i can't pass parameter through object

  25. Tweller Studios Avatar


  26. THE NATURAL Avatar

    I have never written a coment for anyone on youtube. but i had serious issues with java class at my university and your videos helped me so much so thank you buky your the best

  27. Rajput Royals Avatar

    Hey buckey ! whenever i try to pass the string to the default constructor it gives error that says
    “Actual or formal argument lists differs in length”
    i even copied ur code but its still saying that whats the matter with it? anyone plzz !!

  28. David Shinabarger Avatar

    Very helpful video, thank you!

  29. SUPERFASTH Avatar

    For anyone who thinks these are far too slow paced go to code academy they have a java course though i recommend you look at scratch first so you can make a program

  30. Shiv ra Avatar

    this guy gets it

  31. Bri Goose Avatar

    i cant use eclipse…it sucks, new java version doesnt support it and notepas doesnt always run

  32. ViaVanille Avatar

    So you are calling your exes "Tuna Objects"…interesting…

  33. Sahar Sait Avatar

    What about the empty constructors?

  34. genefreak Avatar

    no wonder they were ex girlfriends…. you treated them as objects and associated them with fish. 🙂

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