Java Programming Tutorial – 27 – Introduction to Arrays

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43 responses to “Java Programming Tutorial – 27 – Introduction to Arrays”

  1. PostalOffice Avatar

    inb4 some of the likes are because of the "That's what she said" joke.

  2. shreyansh rastogi Avatar

    what is the name of the software u are using in this video

  3. Vidhisha Shetty Avatar

    thankyou so much ur videos r really helpful

  4. theo brucker Avatar

    he types system.out.println(); faster than I can hit sysout + ctrl space

  5. Shubham Saha Avatar

    anyone still watching in 2017?

  6. Kai Wen Avatar

    "lets set it to 87, so you don't get confused". why did that make me laugh. lol.

  7. Silver Gal Avatar

    Here, you guys can have fun with your friends using my creation:

    import java.util.Random;
    import java.util.Scanner;

    public class ss {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

    Random gaga= new Random();
    Scanner scan= new Scanner(;

    System.out.println("Enter a yes, no, or maybe question: ");
    String koko=scan.nextLine();

    int nana=gaga.nextInt(3);

    String haha[]= {"yaaassss","OH HEEEL NAW","maaybeee!"};




  8. abubakir Siedahmed Avatar

    I started a new coding channel check it out and subscribe. that channel is called Da Learning Channel

  9. Cracked DERP Avatar

    haha thanks for the laugh.

  10. ls p Avatar

    "your computer loves to start counting at zero for some reason"

  11. Gamelover 1985 Avatar

    according to my professor in College, it does not always have to be a number, it can be a letter as well or people's names, or names of other things pretty much anything.

    His comment in my online class to one of my classmates:

    I completely agree with most of your post. However, I wanted to point
    out that you can have things besides numbers in your array as long as
    you declare it properly. 
    Here is an example that shows you how to crate an array of strings so you could save people's names. (Links to an external site.)


  12. patron caden Avatar


  13. pranav goyal Avatar

    shouldn't it be:
    int[] array = new int[10];

  14. prince agbonze Avatar

    let's get rid of everything………..
    lets tighten this up a litt bit, that's what she said…. (this guy is really Bucky 😀 lol)

  15. Mak Shaon Avatar

    what version of java you are using ?

  16. Ben Glase Avatar

    anyone else remember when these videos had sound? or is it just youtube being a cunt at the one thing they have to reliably do… cuz ive tried like maybe about 12 times now to watch this video and it still has no fucking audio

  17. Blake Abernathy Avatar

    99% of the comment section is about the "that's what she said" part lmao

  18. Kamlesh Anandbahadoer Avatar

    I wanted to thank you for creating this tutorial series. My teacher doesn't do anything in class so we have to figure out everything on our own -.-

  19. Jungwoo Roh Avatar

    Died when he said that's what she said XD

  20. DSSPC Avatar

    Thx! helps alot!

  21. Eh. I'm ugly m8 Avatar

    watching this tutorial seriously, then i heard "Let's tighten this up a little bit, that's what she said." lol im dying. i didnt see that coming lmao.

  22. Payton Miller Avatar

    what software do you use to type your code?

  23. Eyaslunatic Avatar

    lmao you were super professional and very clear with this tutorial and then you're like "that's what she said"


  24. Katie-Kat Labrador Avatar

    i'm thanking you in advance if you help save my butt in my computer programming course. very clear instructions–i like it.

  25. Carmal Philip Avatar

    This dude is awesome!!

  26. Haris Tukdi Avatar

    what thsi program u use called

  27. sunnyhours84 Avatar

    Could it be "array declaration"?

  28. victor bizimis Avatar

    I am just trying to expand to java after using C++ and I just can't help but wonder how can an "introduction to arrays" be the Tutorial number 27 ! Shouldn't be like 1 or 2 or sth ?

  29. cope dipper 1963 Avatar

    In a educational video for java programming, it is totally tasteless to reference sexual phrases and slang, Tuna for example, every video now that he objectified his second girlfriend, reminds me of a females V in a less than hygenic state.

    He would be better off to take notes before he does each video clip, and take screen shots after each word has been typed without typos.

  30. Unae Richardson Avatar

    i just subscribed:) learning to become an automatic selenium tester ^^ this was helpful thanks

  31. Charles Agbakwu Avatar

    That's what she said lol bucky sir you are the man.

  32. MCOD1999 Avatar

    I thought an Array was an object

  33. Boss Avatar

    4:45 what did he say right before "thats what she said"?

  34. History Now Avatar

    Hi, I am new to Java and Android. I would like to build an application that shows a random list of images e.g., each time it opens the user scrolls through a different list of images different to the next time it opens it. Would creating 4 different arrays for 4 different list of images and then use a random array generator to make one of the arrays to open on ImageView work?

  35. Gamenatic Avatar

    a guessing game i made :

    import java.util.Random;
    import java.util.Scanner;

    public class AveragingProgram {
    public static void main(String args[]){

    int guess = 0;
    int dice;

    Scanner hello = new Scanner(;
    Random choice = new Random();

    System.out.println("Welcome to the gussing game enter a number: ");
    dice = choice.nextInt(10);
    if(guess != dice){
    System.out.println("Sorry you guessed wrong try again");

    if (guess == dice){

    System.out.println("you got the right answer!!");}



  36. stuntacore Avatar

    I understand everything about arrays that you covered here in this video. Where I am really struggling is when I am trying build a program that relies on user input within the array using the scanner class. Does anyone know of any good videos on this?

  37. Another guy on Youtube Avatar

    I swear, every time I hear Bucky, I will always think of the Avengers. Curse you!!

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